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[OPT] 学校关于opt extension的调查解释

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Dear students on opt:  
We had previously communicated with you that a recent court order struck down the 17 month stem OPT program and that current EAD cards will expire on 2/12/2016 if the DHS doesn't take additional regulatory action.  We are still waiting for the Department of Homeland Security to announce what, if any, action they will be taking to extend the program.  We will communicate further with everyone when that happens.
Shortly after the ruling we started to see EAD's approved for the 17 month STEM reflect 2/12/16 end dates instead of the full 17 months. At that point we started communicating with students applying the 17 month STEM extension not to file at the present time. After careful tracking of 17 month STEM OPT applications approved recently it appears that most EAD cards are in fact now being approved for the full 17 months.  While these cards will still technically expire on 2/12/2016, it does appear that those eligible to apply (students with EAD cards that expire before 2/12/16) will at least be able to receive an EAD card issued for the full 17 months, although we still can't guarantee this will happen in all cases.. 鐗涗汉浜戦泦,涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴
What this means is that if you are eligible to file for the 17 month STEM extension and you previously submitted an application to us, we will continue processing your application upon request.  Please respond back to this email indicating that you previously submitted a STEM OPT application and we told you not to file and that you now want that application to move forward.  We will then be in touch when the application is ready for filing.


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