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[我这里要招人] Nomura招人,entry level

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. 涓浜-涓夊垎-鍦帮紝鐙鍙戝竷
大家好,金融小猎头又回来了!这次又拿到一个可招entry level的位置,赶紧拿过来和大家分享。

1. Entry level PhD only!!! Master一定要有跟JD符合的工作经验才行. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,
2. Strong math/quant skills. From 1point 3acres bbs
3. math/stats/physics background
4. 会C++
. 1point 3acres 璁哄潧

我们都是直接把简历给Hiring Manager看哈,如果你把简历给我了,我回复帮你推了你就不要自己去官网投了哈,否则我到时候没法帮你录入到客户公司系统里,就没办法work with you啦。一般有面试或者code test什么的也是客户先跟我说然后我再跟你说的,恩,是这样操作没错。

Job title:                   MBS/ABS Model Validation                     
Corporate Title:        Associate/Vice President   
Department:             RiskManagement   
Location:                  NY      
Company overview
Nomura is an Asia-basedfinancial services group with an integrated global network spanning over 30countries. By connecting markets East & West, Nomura services the needs ofindividuals, institutions, corporates and governments through its threebusiness divisions: Retail, Asset Management, and Wholesale (Global Markets andInvestment Banking). Founded in 1925, the firm is built on a tradition ofdisciplined entrepreneurship, serving clients with creative solutions andconsidered thought leadership. For further information about Nomura, visit
Department overview:
Global Model Validation Group– Risk Management Department
Role description and majortasks
·       Associate/ VP level position in Global Model Validation Group with major responsibilityfor validating MBS/ABS models
·       Evaluationof the model’s assumptions and review of its implementation to ensure it isconsistent with its theoretical basis and that it is working correctly
·       Benchmarkthe model against alternative models, including developing models or componentof the models in the independent benchmark library. Investigate and evaluatethe reasonableness of any differences, recommend/define any measurement toaccount for any shortcomings
·       Identify,analyze and quantify any potential model risk, including sensitivity to modelassumptions, model calibration, opaque parameters, stability of the modeloutputs, etc.
·       Writeup a comprehensive documentation.
·       Runningof the required processes such as periodic model review, restrictionsmonitoring, regression testing, etc.
Key objectives critical tosuccess:
The candidate is expected tosubject the model to effective and objective challenge. Outcomes/conclusions ofthis process must be communicated / discussed with the relevant stakeholdersand Senior Management, and any remedial actions should be agreed upon andapplied.
Skills, experience,qualifications and knowledge required
·       2to 5 years of experience in MBS/ABS models (prepayment modeling, OAS valuation/ analysis, credit / default modeling) from working in a Model validation or aFO Quantitative group at a major financial institution
·       Goodknowledge of IR modeling (short-rate models, HJM/BGM)
·       Familiaritywith Risk models (VaR, Counterparty Exposure, etc.) is strongly preferable (butnot a requirement)
·       Strongacademic background in Mathematics, Physics, computing science or similareducation, PhD/Postgraduate degree
·       Strongimplementation skills ( ideally in C++)
·       Teamplayer with strong communication skills, verbal as well as written

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