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[CS/CE] PhD Scholarship at CSE University of New South Wales, Australia

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替自己教授发帖子 招PhD。澳洲学校,借地里资源一用。

Some PhD positions are available in Prof. Mahbub Hassan’s researchgroup at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of NewSouth Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia. Applicants have solid background inmathematical, electrical engineering, computer science and other related areasare encouraged to apply.
PotentialResearch Topics:
·        Nanoscale Wireless SensorNetworks
·        Self-powered andEnergy-harvesting Wireless Networks
·        Internet of Things and WearableComputing
·        Mobile and Wireless Networks
Topics are notlimited. More details about the research topics and our current works can befound in the following page:
We welcome candidates of the China Scholarship Council (CSC)scholarship to contact us. We can provide tuition fee remission scholarship(TFS) for top applicants of the CSC PhD program. Besides, UNSW offers generousfinancial supports to top applicants.
Applicants are expected to have an outstanding academic record. Inorder to be competitive, your undergraduate marks should be over 85/100. Havingstrong research experiences and publication records will be a good plus.Applicants should meet the admission requirements of UNSW for the PhD program. Forfurther information (university requirements and apply procedure) about thescholarships, please read the following pages:
·        UNSW Postgraduate ResearchScholarships:
·        UNSW-CSC Scholarships:
If you are interested, please emailing yourtranscripts and resume to contacting Prof. Mahbub Hassan (






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