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[T作文-求改] TPO 33综合写作求改 24号T n战绝望了555

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The lecturer regards the three theories  proposed in the reading passage about the purpose and meaning of Carved stone balls found in Scotland unconvincing by giving her reasons as follows:
First of all, she doubts the weapon theory in the reading passage that the stone balls were weapons for hunting or fighting use. Since if the carved stone balls were used as weapon, then there should be more or less damage in the stone, however, no evidence of wearing or damage was found in these stones.
As for the second theory in the reading passage, namely the carved stone balls were used as part of a primitive system of weights and measures,the lecturer also points out the problems. She claims that if the balls were for this purpose, their masses must be uniform as well in addition to the sizes.Unfortunately, they are not. In fact, the balls were carved of different types of stones, suggesting that they have different densities too.Hence, the second theory in the reading passage is also undermined.
Lastly, the lecturer challenged the third theory about the carved stone balls' social purpose. She said some stones balls were extremely simple designed, which indicate little possibility for owners to show their high social status. Plus, British aristocrats were usually buried with their possessions?but none of carved stones balls were disinterred from tombs. Accordingly, the third theory is also refuted by the lecturer.
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lz去寄托上找小组改吧~~那里互改作文的人比较多 GRE 728x90
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