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今天收到我们学校ISSS发的一封邮件,对比了新旧两个政策,新政策除了时间长,unemployment period由原来的120天变成150天外,也加了很多要求,包括各种计划,各种报告,不能volunteer, 工资水平必须和普通员工一样,以及还有一条是在这期间公司不能FIRE opt 学生“[size=14.6667px]Employer cannot terminate/lay off/furlough any fulltime or part time temporary or permanent US worker as a result of the OPT opportunity.
这句话里的US worker是指本国人还是也包含外国人?-google 1point3acres

. 鐗涗汉浜戦泦,涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴
Proposed Rule
Current Rule
24 months of OPT stem extension. Degree obtained must be from an accredited US institution.
. 鍥磋鎴戜滑@1point 3 acres
Total time of OPT for STEM majors would be 12+24 = 36 months.
17 months of OPT STEM extension.

Total time of OPT for STEM majors would be 12+17 = 29 months.

2 OPT STEM extensions possible for students who obtain another STEM major at a higher degree level.  .

One time STEM OPT extension only.
A prior eligible STEM degree from a USinstitution can be used to apply for the 24 months of OPT STEM.

In other words, a student on a current 12 month OPT non STEM degree can qualify for STEM OPT extension based on a degree obtained from a previous program of study, as long as it was from a US accredited institution, and obtained within the last 10 years. But the OPT opportunity must be directly related to that STEM field.

Not currently possible.
Students currently on a 17 month STEM extension can request the remaining 7 months of OPT STEM before the end of their current 17 months of OPT.

Student will be required to complete a formal Mentoring and Training Program plan with the employer and submit it to the ISSS office for an OPT STEM recommendation. The plan must be kept on file at the ISSS office for three years after completion of each STEM practical training opportunity.

The plan must explain how the employment will be a work-based learning opportunity, state the specific goals of the practical training, and describe how these goals will be achieved, detailing the knowledge, skills, techniques to be learned and how the mentorship and training is related to the qualifying STEM degree. It must also describe how the student will be evaluated and frequency of supervision. It must also include the compensation for the job.
-google 1point3acres
Not currently required.
Student must provide ISSS with an evaluation of his/her OPT STEM from the employer every 6 months, to document progress toward the training goals and ensure the goals are being met. An evaluation is also required at the end conclusion of the OPT opportunity.

Not currently required.
Student must report every 6 months to ISSS confirming their SEVIS information, name, address, employer name and address and/or loss of employment.

Currently required.
Students will no longer be able to be a volunteer while on STEM OPT as employers must now pay commensurate compensation similar to those paid to US workers. DHS will require wages to be reported by employers

Volunteering while on OPT STEM is currently a grey area.
Students who change employers while on OPT STEM must submit, within 10 days of the new employment a new Mentoring and Training Plan to ISSS and obtain a new ISSS recommendation for OPT.
Not currently required to submit a Mentoring and Training Plan.


Employer must be enrolled in the government’s E-Verify program.
Currently required.

Employer must provide DHS with student compensation information to ensure they are being paid fair wages.

Not currently required.
Employer must report when an F1 student on a STEM OPT extension terminates or leaves employment prior to the end of the OPT STEM period, and must report to the school within 48 hours of the student leaving employment.

Currently required.
Employer must have sufficient resources and personnel available and prepared for mentoring and training the student.

Employer cannot terminate/lay off/furlough any fulltime or part time temporary or permanent US worker as a result of the OPT opportunity.

The OPT opportunity must assist the student in reaching his/her training goals.

Not currently required.
The maximum period of unemployment when on OPT STEM extension will now be150 days.

Currently set at 120 days.
Cap-Gap extension remains in place.
Currently available.

DHS may conduct work site inspections for employers hiring OPT STEM students.
Not currently in the regulations.







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