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[其它] PhD or Master at PSU in Population-Infrastructure Nexus

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Created at 10/27/2015

The Rural Sociology program of the Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education at the Pennsylvania State University is seeking applications for an NSF-funded multi-year graduate research assistantship. The successful candidate will work with a multi-disciplinary team on the population-infrastructure nexus in the context of community resilience and vulnerability under the supervision of Dr. Guangqing Chi. The candidate should also pursue a Ph.D. (preferred) or M.S. degree in rural sociology and a dual-title degree in demography.

The candidate is expected to have research interests in rural sociology, demography, population and environment, infrastructure, community resilience, transportation and society, climate change, and/or Big Data for social science research. Competence in rigorous statistical and spatial analysis is preferred. The student should also be self-motivated, open to learning new methods, resourceful, independent, and—of primary importance—highly professional.

For questions related to applications for admission to the graduate program in rural sociology and demography, please refer to and/or contact Dr. Clare Hinrichs at For questions about the NSF research project, please contact Dr. Guangqing Chi at



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