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[OPT] opt公示评论草稿,请大家帮我看一下哈

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金妮韦崽 发表于 2015-11-9 10:04:54 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式


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I wholeheartedly support this proposal regarding 24-month opt extension. I believe it would benefit United States by keeping the talents in the country and, particularly, suffer less financial losses.

Most OPT holders have been offered admission from prestigious universities and programs in United States, and among them, a lot have even been granted a full scholarship when they work on their degrees. Usually, a student would need a near 4.0 GPA and extensive hand-on real world experiences to be granted a scholarship. In other words, those who win scholarship from the top-level universities are the greatest talents of talents, and are the most likely people to generate huge revenue for the country.  However, if they go back to their home country, not only will the revenue making opportunities go back with them, but all the scholarships invested on these talents would be wasted. Currently, less than 50% could win the lottery when applying for h1-b visa, therefore this tremendous financial waste could only be prevented by doing as proposed and expanding the OPT period.
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Additionally, in order to alleviate racial discrimination, most companies would hire a certain percentage of foreign citizens to maintain the company's cultural diversities. Among these companies are Google, Facebook, and a lot of tech startups who hire the most stem experts. However, if this proposal does not pass and the OPT extension is revoked next February, these companies, especially startups, would be more reluctant to hire international applicants because they need H-1B visa sponsorship, which most startups would not afford. The OPT extension would create a chance for these startups to maintain its cultural diversity at a lower cost, and as a result, would immensely nurture the entrepreneurial spirit which meets the trend of the time (“顺应时代潮流”这个词组怎么翻译比较好啊。。。).




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