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[找工就业] 有想跳槽的软工么???本人纽约小猎头

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2015(10-12月)-[11]Other本科+3-5年 - 猎头| 码农类全职@Bloomberg在职跳槽


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本人纽约小猎头, 手上职位大概全纽约所有金融行业的软工职位都有了。还有好多hedge fund 的quant 职位。贴一个hedge fund 的java职位吧:14万的样子,可以sponsor h1b,纽约职位。 但是不是entry level的职位哦, 14万的职位是需求3年的经验的哦~~小猎立志要为中国码工找到更好的归宿!!!更好的待遇,更多的中国人的公司~~~灭哈哈哈~~~废话不多了,如果有各种3年经验的C++/JAVA/c# 请随便飞个简历给小猎哈,简历请发到 我收到简历后会马不停蹄的联系大家哒。小猎在这边先谢谢咯~~~
The candidate will join the Client Trading and Technologyteam as a front office developer, be closely aligned with a trading business,and will participate in the full development lifecycle including analysis,development, testing, deployment, support and maintenance.
Main responsibilities include:
    Independently plan, design, develop,document, test, deploy, and support new and existing systems for Front Office,Middle Office and related business teams.
    Independently manage initiatives throughtheir full project lifecycle
    Develop and implement projectsaccordingly to proposed plan
    Partner with business clients andbusiness analysts to understand user needs and translate requirements intosolutions
    Review and design the architecture fornew systems
    Ensure software is of a high quality,meeting user needs with respect to both performance and functionality
    Compliance with applicable ReleaseManagement and Change Management process controls
    Resolve all level 2 and 3 support issuewith appropriate levels of urgency and transparency
    Challenge Development, Quality Assurance,Release Management, Support, and other associated teams to continually improveour quality and practices
    Apply best practices to improve systemquality
    Collaborate with global development teamsin support of system enhancement initiatives
Required/Must have:
    Strong, hands-on knowledge in Java,database development
    Strong background in designing anddeveloping distributed systems, programming design patterns and object-orientedprogramming
    Strong background in messagingtechnologies, network protocols, socket programming
    Strong background in equity and equityderivative order/execution management systems
    Experience with Spring, J2SE andhibernate frameworks
    Experience with Windows user interfaces(Winforms or WPF)
    Experience in C#, FIX and electronicmarket connectivity
    Familiarity with Excel /VBA development
    Experience with test automation tools
Required/Must have:
    Expertise in equity derivative ordermanagement and trading workflows
    Familiarity with US regulatoryrequirements, financial products and financial industry processes
    Strong ability to independently defineand manage their own priorities and tasks
    Exceptional analytic, troubleshooting andproblem solving skills
    Excellent written and verbalcommunication skills
    Rigorous, dynamic, detail oriented,fast-learning and the ability to excel in a high-pressure business environment
. 鍥磋鎴戜滑@1point 3 acres



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