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[CS/CE] CS PhD position in University of Nebraska Lincoln

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Dr. Qiben Yan’s lab in University of Nebraska Lincoln has multiple Ph.D. TA/RA openings starting from Fall 2016. The successful candidates are expected to work on exciting research areas in Cyber Security, including: mobile/wireless network security and privacy, spectrum and cognitive radio security, botnet and mobile malware defense, applied cryptography. Preferred candidates should be self-motivated, responsible, and have the curiosity and determination to explore the path to develop himself/herself into an outstanding security researcher. Candidates with EE, CS or other relevant backgrounds will be considered, and an earned Master degree is a plus. A solid background in either of the following will be a plus: wireless communications & networking, security/cryptography, data mining/machine learning, optimization, game theory/control, or strong system implementation skills. If you are interested, please send your CV/resume, transcripts, GRE and TOEFL scores, and any other information that you believe is helpful for your application in one email to Prof. Yan at For more information, please visit

UNL’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering is one of the country’s top computer science and engineering programs — including top five in software engineering. The department is investing about $5 million each year to conduct state-of-the-art research in software engineering, informatics and systems. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is located in an up-and-coming and safe city of over 300,000 people. Lincoln has many of the cultural and entertainment benefits of a much larger city, with the feel of a friendly Midwestern community.
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UNL CS系招对无线网络,网络安全,隐私保护感兴趣的学生,提供全奖。录取学生将会从事安全领域的研究,包括无线和移动网络安全,频谱和认知无线电安全,僵尸网络和手机病毒检测和防护。拥有以下背景知识优先考虑:无线通信与移动网络,安全与密码学,数据挖掘/机器学习,最优算法,博弈论,或者系统实现技能。之前的研究经历会有加分,但不是必须的。详细请访问:
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