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[文书-求改] 这个时候了文书还没有改好!!!求指点啊

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Dear Colleagues:
   Mr. Gao Youxing requested a letter of reference from me to support his application for graduate studies at your university. As his research adviser when he was an undergraduate student in my school of Electronics Science and Technology, I am pleased to comply with his request.   
   I have known Mr. Gao since 2014, when he became a group member in my research team. As his research adviser, I directed his research and found him a promising youth radiating with intelligence and creativity. The first time when he sent me a message showing his interest in joining in my team, I can feel his ambition and creativity. Because as an undergraduate student who just entered this school for two years he told me so many of his personal idea and thoughts in solar cell area. In that massage he persuade me to accept him by saying that he had a dream to change the world since he was a child and he believe that using solar cell based on INGaN nanowire can achieve a cheap and Highest efficient solar cell system. Even though there are some flaws in his perspectives and ideas, for an undergraduate students, having so much enthusiasm and creativity for science is precious.
   What impressed me mostly is his hard work. We distributed some literature research and experiment tasks to him. Because he lack of some basic knowledge comparing to those graduate students, he really had some hard time in understanding some contents in thesis and he asked me a lot questions when he did literature research. Moreover, shorting of experimental experience about how to use our equipment to grow GaN or InN nanowires which were grown from nanoscale catalyst patterns by vapor-liquid-solid mechanism left him considerable troubles in finishing experiment tasks. But he practiced again and again until he can use these equipment skillfully. Therefore frequently, I saw him was the last one who left the lab.
    Judging by his outstanding performance in my research group, I am convinced that Mr. Gao has the potential abilities to become a creative and brilliant researcher. I therefore lend him my enthusiastic support and would appreciate your favorable consideration of his application.
From: Huang Hui
Department of Electronics Science and Technology
Dlian University of Technology
Dalian, Liaoning, China  
November 29, 2015  
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没人回我,自己先顶!d=====( ̄▽ ̄*)b GRE 728x90
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ShalynChin 发表于 2015-12-1 19:44:53 | 显示全部楼层,你自己看看这个贴吧
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ShalynChin 发表于 2015-12-1 19:45:00 | 显示全部楼层
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ShalynChin 发表于 2015-12-1 20:12:21 | 显示全部楼层
453576015 发表于 2015-12-1 20:08

. from: 我已经找机构了,反正改完感觉比自己写的好多了,你需要不,我可以发你个链接,就是类似邀请啥的
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ShalynChin 发表于 2015-12-1 20:12
. from:
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ShalynChin 发表于 2015-12-1 20:15:31 | 显示全部楼层
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ShalynChin 发表于 2015-12-1 20:17:17 | 显示全部楼层

我用的就是Mydocumate, 你可以去刚才我给你那个帖子里面看一看。我也没有用过别的,没法评价。反正这个感觉不太贵,一封推荐信就300块钱,最起码比我改的好多了,你自己看着办吧
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 楼主| 453576015 发表于 2015-12-1 20:23:44 | 显示全部楼层
ShalynChin 发表于 2015-12-1 20:17
我用的就是Mydocumate, 你可以去刚才我给你那个帖子里面看一看。我也没有用过别的,没法评价。反正这个感 ...

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ShalynChin 发表于 2015-12-1 20:27:30 | 显示全部楼层
453576015 发表于 2015-12-1 20:23

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