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[文书-求改] 描述英语学习历程的English Essay, 求狠批

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I grew up as an only child, but seldom did I feel lonely. Through extensive reading, such as my favorite book Harry Potter, I can chat with my imaginary friends in my created fantasy world. Gradually, I became extremely interested in reading various kinds of books in their original language, especially in English. During my childhood and early teenage years, I never stopped reading original English novels and tried to finish some short novels in English.

Regular academic study in English at school gives me an opportunity to have an all-round study of this language. When learning English literature at school, I was surprised to realize the meaning and information is just contained in the sequence of 26 different letters. Class study not only helps me to know English grammar and vocabulary very well, but also enable me develop the ability to communicate freely in English in daily life and read serious English works.

Besides formal English classroom study, I am genuinely curious about various topics and English is a very important medium for me to acquire new knowledge. In my spare time, I enjoy self-studying on Psychology and Photography through library resources and online lectures. During my undergraduate period, I served as the chairman of Environmental Protection Association and organized plenty of monthly lectures and environmental protection activities, such as Battery Reclamation and Environmental Fashion Show, where I have talked much with foreign exchange students in my university. Making friends with them greatly improve my spoken English, allows me to learn the idiomatic oral English and broaden my horizon. Moreover, by participating in activities and lectures organized by AIESEC, I have more chances to understand different cultures and practice oral English with other volunteers. Besides, as a software engineering student, in order to get and understand source code of specific programs, I have communicated a lot with foreign, especially American, developers through e-mails and blogs. With solid educational training and relevant real-life experience, I firmly believe I would be a successful student and can quickly adapt to studying and working in the all-English American environment



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