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[选组选Offer] 选组选组!Amazon选组求指导,哪个组Oncall少

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2015(10-12月)-[]MIS硕士+fresh grad 无实习/全职 - 内推| 码农类全职@Amazonfresh grad应届毕业生


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昨天HR Call先是被放鸽子,重新约了时间以后对方又迟到了15分钟,之后发来的组又是跟我填的问卷信息不符的重新要了几个组之后打算差不多就在以下的组里面挑一个了,对了AWS Cloudfront也没了,想选一个oncall少,但也能做出些东西的组,求知情人士提供一些信息供参考
AWS Dev Productivity&Tools
AWS Networking 这个简介跟以前看到的不一样
The Bandwidth Product Management organization within AWS is responsible for the analysis, reporting and Product Management of Network Data Transfer (ingress and egress of data between and within regions and to/from the internet) that is incurred by AWS customers.  We are responsible for the product strategy, pricing, and innovations to drive one of the biggest AWS businesses.  This position is unique within AWS because your product is bundled with many other service offerings requiring you to build strong relationships with service teams to drive a cohesive strategy. You will also lead the standardization and improvement of financial & metric reporting, P&L cost allocation, and New Initiative cost monitoring.  Internally, we work closely with Network and Software Engineering teams, Network Capacity Planning, and Finance evaluate and understand our customers’ usage and costs.  The organization is comprised of roles including Product Managers, Data Engineers, and Software Engineers.   Along with rest of AWS, we continue to expand the depth and function of the organization and seek out those individuals that like to be owners responsible for end to end execution in a fast paced, high ambiguity, and dynamic environment.
AWS Appstore 也不知道这个跟marketplace有什么不同
eCommerce Amazon Payment Products
As a member of the Amazon Payment Products team, you will invent new features, develop distributed services, and build a massively scalable, rock-solid platform solution using object-oriented Java on various UNIX-flavored platforms. We are a fast-paced environment, using agile methodology and lightweight SOA design patterns. We encourage innovation and expect developers to take a high level of ownership throughout the software life cycle.
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sqzhang17 发表于 2016-1-3 15:31:22 | 显示全部楼层
同问, lz最后去了哪个组?
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winordie 发表于 2016-1-3 14:20.

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