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[CS/CE] Computer Systems Research Opportunities at Arizona State University (ASU)

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The VISA (Virtualized Infrastructures, Systems, & Applications)
research lab at ASU is looking for talented and self-motivated
students to join the computer science PhD program and work on exciting
research problems in leading-edge computer systems, including cloud,
big data, HPC, and mobile systems. Students with strong systems
implementation skills (C/Java programming, Linux/Android kernel
development, etc.) would be preferred.

ASU is a top research university, recently ranked #1 as the most
innovative school by U.S. News. ASU computer science is also a top
program, ranked #22 by U.S. News. We are located in a quiet college
town (Tempe) with the convenience provided by a metropolitan city
(Phoenix). We are not far from all the high-tech opportunities, and
yet our cost of living is quite affordable.

If you are interested in these opportunities, please email me
( with your resume. You can find more info about my
lab here:

Reminder: fall admission deadline is 12/31/2015



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