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[选组选Offer] Amazon 选组求建议

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sqzhang17 发表于 2015-12-25 04:57:25 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式

2015(10-12月)-[14]MIS硕士+<3个月短暂实习/全职 - 网上海投| 码农类General全职@Amazonfresh grad应届毕业生


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从接了Offer, 到收到分组的选项, 中间隔了接近20天吧。 想请教一下大神们哪几个组还不错? 去了之后是能学到东西的,别太闲就行。. Waral 博客有更多文章,

1. eCommerce Services (eCSG)
From massive scale and ridiculous reliability, to the customer interaction and innovation that powers new businesses across Amazon, the eCommerce Platform Services group is at the heart of Amazon's growth and success. Our global systems are part of every purchase, every shipment and every login. Our constant innovation enables and powers new business initiatives across the entire company, including those in Kindle/Digital, Retail, Payments and AWS.
Our Identity Services enable hundreds of millions of customers to easily and securely authenticate, on a website or mobile device, and connect their Amazon account to their social networks. Our Ordering Systems handle every Amazon purchase anywhere in the world, and help ensure that it gets to your door. Our Promotions platform enables the business to configure hundreds of promotions and manage them efficiently and in real-time, as we welcome customers all year around, and in particular with specials on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In addition to our platform services, we drive architectural change across Amazon to keep the company moving at internet speed whether we want to launch a new country, a new device, a new mobile application, a new website, or an entirely new business.
2. eCommerce Services (GPS Platform)
Amazon Global Payment Services is the preferred provider of secure, scalable and low latency payment services worldwide. Amazon Global Payment Services adds value to Amazon, its merchant affiliates and any other business requiring electronics payments services by innovating and delivering new payment mechanisms, delivering best-cost services to our clients.
Amazon Payments Services will be the preferred provider of payments services used to pay, or to be paid by, anyone using the payment method of their choice. It provides improved sales revenue by drawing customers to e-commerce sites through innovative payment mechanisms, while offering the lowest cost for payments transactions.
3. Consumer Marketing
Consumer Website owns the technology stack for Amazon.com websites worldwide from the front-end customer experience to back-end service technology and website hosting. This includes ownership of core website pages like gateway, nav, detail page, and checkout, along with localization, media services, website rendering, content management, content optimization, Weblab, Clickstream, Web analytics, Robot Detection and Mitigation, traffic routing, DDoS protection, service frameworks, operations automation and more.
4. Amazon Clicks works within Advertising:
*Something to note is that they are a startup type of environment (fairly new team).
Amazon Clicks offers self-service pay-per-click advertising programs, allowing advertisers to reach millions of Amazon shoppers. We offer online retailers and businesses the opportunity to promote their products and services. Advertisers and partners use our targeted advertising, campaign tools, and reporting tools to measure ROI, drive results, and grow their business.
5. Retail Systems
There is no store larger, no scale greater, and no need more urgent than the call for exceptional talent to meet the growing demands for new systems, new ideas and retail solutions at Amazon.com. The Retail Systems group is where the company and its shareholders look for profitability and growth. It is the central nervous system that allows Amazon to be innovative and nimble. A fluid culture of improvement and transformation that permeates every aspect of the retail store from selection, to inventory to pricing and transaction efficiencies.
Technology is deeply integrated into all aspects of our successful Retail business. Our relentless focus on offering customers an ever increasing selection, low prices, all available to be shipped immediately, pushes us to a scale that is unlike any other retailer. We use technology to turn this scale into an advantage: we use patented technology to turn the art of retailing into a science. Instead of relying on human intuition, we build SOPhisticated algorithms that learn and adapt. We build statistical models that run on massively distributed systems to ingest huge amounts of data on purchases, on what our customers look at, on how our products are related to one another to automatically predict trends, seasons and demand of every single item that we sell. Technology infuses all of our decision making and our processes.
At Amazon, business and technology aren’t separate – our people who run the retail business have a deep appreciation of how technology can be leveraged in making our ability to serve customers better. Our technologists are just as excited about how the systems they build impact the retail business as they are about their specialization. Whether it is about improving database performance, horizontal partitioning and scaling, distributed computing, workflow systems or machine learning algorithms, their common interests are also about building the next technology solution to improve our business.
6. Redshift
Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides companies of all sizes with an infrastructure web services platform in the cloud. With AWS, you can requisition compute power, storage, and other services – paying as you go for only the resources you need. Amazon Redshift is rapidly growing, fast and powerful, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. It enables customers to dramatically increase their query performance when analyzing virtually any size data set using the same SQL-based business intelligence tools they use today. They can launch a fully operational service with a few clicks for as low as under $1000 per terabyte per year. Amazon Redshift manages all the work needed to set up, operate, and scale a data warehouse, from provisioning capacity and installing software to monitoring and backing up the cluster, to applying patches and upgrades. By automating these labor-intensive tasks, Amazon Redshift enables customers to spend their time focusing on their data and business insights, rather than on procuring and managing infrastructure. We are looking for developers with expertise and passion for building large scale distributed systems. Experience with parallel query optimization and execution, large scale data analytics, highly available/fault tolerant systems, replicated data storage, and operating complex services running in the cloud are all pluses. Technologies include: C/C++ and/or Java

leonidas1573 发表于 2016-2-2 09:23:21 | 显示全部楼层
求问露珠您最后选哪啦? . 留学申请论坛-一亩三分地

露珠您有打听red shift组的情况么? 您的redshift是在哪? 亚麻本部还是CA啊? 露珠余下的几个组基本都被选完了....哭
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