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[求内推] EE硕士找CS工作求内推

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2016(1-3月)-[13]EE硕士+fresh grad 无实习/全职 - Other| 码农类全职@fresh grad应届毕业生


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file:///C:/Users/yanyan/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.pngACADEMIC PROJECTS
Web blog (Python, Google AppEngine, Webapp2, HTML, CSS, SQL)                                            
• Built a web blog with sign up/in usinghashing to securely read and transmit user passwords.
• Generated data in JSON formats and added astatic google map, and marked the ip address.
• Added memcache to blog and display the timeof accessing the database.
InteractiveResume (HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery)                                             
• Developed an interactive resumeapplication that reads resume contents from a JSON file and dynamically
  displays the content.   
• Contained a google map which candisplay and mark the locations mentioned in the resume.
Web Searching Engine (Python)                                                                                
• Built a web-search engine including webcrawler, building on index and ranking page.
• Implemented a ranked page crawler algorithmfor higher accuracy.
Analyzing Big Data Set (Python, Hadoop, MapReduce)                                                    
• Analyzed Udacity student discussion forumto get the hours of most posts by student.
• Wrote a MapReduce program that output thelength of the post and the average answer length for each post.
• Wrote a MapReduce program that output theTop 10 tags ordered by the number of questions.
Data Classification(C++)                                                                                                                                                                       
• Implemented decision tree inductionalgorithm for classification.
• Implemented three selectionmeasures, information gain, gain ratio and gini index to choose splitting attribute.
• Verified and compared the accuracyof this algorithm with three different selection measures.
Mining FrequentItem Sets (C++)                                                                              
• Implemented the frequent pattern(FP) growth algorithm for mining frequent item sets.
• Constructed frequent item setsthrough FP-tree and condition FP-tree for the items in frequent item sets.



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