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[找工就业] Twitter 选组求建议

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2016(1-3月)-[10]CS博士+3个月-1年 - 网上海投| 码农类General全职@Twitterfresh grad应届毕业生


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Twitter 申的 new grad,过了电面,现在Recruiter 让选两个组然后那两个组给onsite。这里有个组的介绍:不知道各位大神有没有什么好的建议?哪些组比较核心,主要中国人多一些?

BLUEBIRD / The Bluebird team creates new, bold user experiences for Twitter - specifically Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android,and We’re constantly thinking about tweets, timelines, and all the diferent ways people use Twitter. We build theback end services and the front end experiences that drive the Twitter experience.

BUSINESSES LOVE TWITTER / We create products and services which help businesses love Twitter, by enabling them toconnect with their target audiences and existing customers, convert users into enthusiasts, fans, and customers, and care fortheir customers. Some of the responsibilities are: data licensing and streaming API products, end-to-end business experience(business profiles, analytics, and commerce), and owning our Promoted Products (sales tools, campaign management, adformats, and targeting). BLT is also responsible for our of-platform advertising products.

ENGINEERING EFFECTIVENESS / Ensure Twitter’s engineers have the tools, skills, and processes they need to build highquality software, deliver it quickly, and have fun doing it. We want to help every team work as efectively as the best team atTwitter

PLATFORM ENGINEERING / Build the scalable infrastructure platform that enable the rest of Twitter engineering as well as3rd party developers to iterate quickly. Focus on the services and the frameworks that make the rest of Twitter engineeringsuccessful, and expose the breadth of our platform to 3rd parties that wish to integrate with us. 来源一亩.三分地论坛.

SCIENCE / Twitter Science comprises groups focused on machine learning, deep learning, semantic analysis, Data Science,and experimentation. We apply cutting-edge methods to understand Twitter users, products, and content. We build newcapabilities to bring real-time, media-aware understanding of content and user interests into Twitter products, running coreservices that operate across the full scale of Twitter. We bring the latest advances across academia and industry use back intocore Twitter infrastructure.
-google 1point3acres
SECURITY / The Security team works across Twitter applications, systems, infrastructure, and cloud to ensure we buildrobust systems and protect user data. Our team works on shipping secure code to harden and our applications,investigating suspicious activity against our network and products, developing secure approaches to our servers andendpoints, handling events from the public research community, and more. Join us and work on securing one of the largest realtime systems. You’ll face secuirty challenges and scale that are matched by few other opportunities.

TELLAPART / Direct response advertising is a major growth engine for Twitter’s business and our acquisition of TellAparthas not only helped us accelerate through this year’s planned trajectory, it’s also increased the Y-axis of our revenue as well.Whether it’s scaling real-time big data systems, integrating planet-scale data into our ML models, bringing innovative productsto market, hacking cutting-edge technology, contributing to the open source community and/or lots of other fun projectswe’d have to ofer--you’ll get to own significant projects with TellApart. Your work will have a true, measurable impact on thebusiness, while working in small teams and getting mentored by some of the best engineers in the industry



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