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Airbnb 数据科学职位
in analytics and inference
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[选组选Offer] Amazon选组求建议!

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2016(1-3月)-[14]EE硕士+<3个月短暂实习/全职 - 内推| 码农类全职@Amazonfresh grad应届毕业生


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Kindle Demand Planning
This team supports the demand planning, instock, research and strategic planning teams for the entire Amazon device family of products and accessories. The team is central to the continued growth of the Devices division as we have grown from the first Kindle e-reader to a vast portfolio of Fire tablets, Fire TVs, Fire Phone and Echo – Amazon will continue expanding and innovating, introducing new products globally. We develop SOPhisticated algorithms that involve learning from large amounts of past data in order to forecast the demand for all Amazon devices, optimization software that best utilize our resources to ensure global supply availability with minimal liability and econometric models that determine how to competitively price our products to provide the most value to our customers and Amazon. The software team develops all of the software and platforms that run these systems.

Capacity Planning
Do you enjoy solving very complex problems with simplest solutions? Are you excited building large scale distributed systems? Do you enjoy leveraging technology to solve real world problems? Would you like to help us move forward scaling with the cloud and leveraging latest mobile technologies? Come join the Global Inventory Platform (GIP) - Capacity Planning team, work with smart people and make major contribution to enhancing our fulfillment experience to millions of customers world-wide. We are looking to hire SDEs who are self-motivated, quality-minded and is able to work independently and as part of the world-class development team, engaging in further improvement of building the software systems that Amazon.com uses to operate its overall fulfillment network (i.e., warehouses/fulfillment centers and replenishment centers) in an efficient & economic manner. We solve difficult software and optimization problems involving forecasting, visibility and optimization of inventory flows as well as software and data integration, all on a large scale. Our goal is to increase automation, improve accuracy, reduce cost and maximize customer experience.

Identity Services – eCSG Team
From massive scale and ridiculous reliability, to the customer interaction and innovation that powers new businesses across Amazon, the eCommerce Platform Services group is at the heart of Amazon's growth and success. Our global systems are part of every purchase, every shipment and every login. Our constant innovation enables and powers new business initiatives across the entire company, including those in Kindle/Digital, Retail, Payments and AWS. Our Identity Services enable hundreds of millions of customers to easily and securely authenticate, on a website or mobile device, and connect their Amazon account to their social networks. Our Ordering Systems handle every Amazon purchase anywhere in the world, and help ensure that it gets to your door. Our Promotions platform enables the business to configure hundreds of promotions and manage them efficiently and in real-time, as we welcome customers all year around, and in particular with specials on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In addition to our platform services, we drive architectural change across Amazon to keep the company moving at internet speed whether we want to launch a new country, a new device, a new mobile application, a new website, or an entirely new business.

ECPS Common Platform Services – eCFT Team (eCommers / software security)
eCFT is responsible for protecting customer and corporate data across all of Amazon, whether it's the retail website, Kindle or AWS, we secure the data. Every aspect of our business interacts with our systems, if our systems are not up and running the company stops, and if we're not rapidly delivering new, easy to use features the whole company slows down. We're at the intersection of can never go down, and need to move at agile, internet speed. We're connected to all aspects of Amazon’s business.
We are looking for software engineers who thrive on complex problems and relish the challenge of operating a complex and mission critical system under extreme loads. Our system responds to millions of service requests per minute. We do security software for high availability systems. Do you think you are up to the challenge? Or would you like to learn more and stretch your skills and career? The successful candidate is expected to contribute to all parts of the software development and deployment lifecycle, including design, development, documentation, testing and operations. They must possess strong verbal and written communication skills, be self-driven and deliver high quality results in a fast paced environment. They need to really enjoy working closely with their peers in a group of very talented engineers.
MdB (Santa Monica CA) – more web development focused with opportunities for backend/database logic & architecture. Do need to be somewhat comfortable with occasionally stretching full-stack
Comp and relo is the same as Seattle. Here is the description:
IMDb is one of the largest and most popular sites on the web, used by millions of people every day. We have a vast data set, tons of passionate users and are constantly improving the experience on our site. We are looking for a talented software engineer to help us build the next generation of our web site. Want to help put a play button on every page? We're looking for people excited and knowledgeable about developing on the web. We hire engineers with a passion for architecting, building, testing and maintaining robust, scalable systems, and who enjoy working on the entire stack, from front to back.


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请问LZ是amazon的实习还是全职呢?. 1point 3acres 璁哄潧
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