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[选组选Offer] Amazon选组求助!!!!

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2016(1-3月)-[16]CS硕士+<3个月短暂实习/全职 - Other| 码农类全职@Amazonfresh grad应届毕业生


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求意见。。HR 给我的选择太多啦。。
AWS Security
The AWS Security team is responsible for the security and availability of all of the services offered by AWS, including Gov Cloud, EC2, S3, and others. Our team works with the service teams to solve security challenges at massive scale, and builds tools to automate the auditing and operation of AWS infrastructure. We are looking for super-smart software and systems professionals to join us and help us continue to raise the security bar for cloud computing. You should be somebody who enjoys working on complex system software, is customer-centric, and feels strongly not only about building good software but about making that software achieve its goals in operational reality.
DBS Elastic Map Reduce
The Amazon Web Services Database Services team is looking for talented engineers to help us build the next generation of large scale database systems that run across thousands of servers and multiple data centers worldwide. These are core systems development positions where you can learn and grow your career with very senior engineers mentoring you. You will be given the opportunity to have direct impact on the evolution of the Amazon Web Services database platform and lead mission critical projects early in your career. Your design, code and raw smarts will contribute to solving some of the most complex technical challenges in the areas of databases, distributed systems, optimization, scalability and tweaking algorithms, just to name a few.               
Amazon database services team has built large scale database technologies like Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift.  For instance, Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. Amazon RDS is a fully managed relational database service that manages MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server. Similarly, Redshift provides a petabyte data warehousing solution for analytics.
Marketplace - New Business
Millions of Sellers from countries around the world (and growing) list their products for sale on the Amazon.com Marketplace. Sellers are a critical part of Amazon’s ecosystem to deliver on our vision of offering the earth’s largest selection and lowest prices. These Sellers offer millions of unique products, providing a broad and diverse inventory of products from Books, Electronics, Apparel to Consumables and beyond. Our systems use technology appropriate to our needs, including Hadoop, Machine learning, highly scaled Java services, AWS technologies, Ajax rich UI's, and more.
Consumer Website
Consumer Website owns the technology stack for Amazon.com websites worldwide from the front-end customer experience to back-end service technology and website hosting. This includes ownership of core website pages like gateway, nav, detail page, and checkout, along with localization, media services, website rendering, content management, content optimization, Weblab, Clickstream, Web Analytics, Robot Detection and Mitigation, traffic routing, DDoS protection, service frameworks, operations automation and more. Are you ready to build features that millions of customers can see every day? Can you design across disparate systems while obsessing over great customer experiences? Are you independent, passionate, and motivated? Join the center of Amazon’s customer obsession and build features customers love and talk about, create cool and unique experiences for Amazon customers, and touch every part of Amazon’s website. Engineers ready to take on this challenge have some unique skill sets: they are experts at multitasking, are exceptionally able to work with other disciplines (interaction design, PR, business teams, etc.), and are self-directed, passionate about customer experiences, and unafraid to run down issues across the company on their own. Strong individuals on this team will own individual Amazon experiences end-to-end. A broad base of engineering skills, plus the willingness to learn new ones, is critical. Technologies include: Java, C++, Perl, scalable architecture.
International Retail
Amazon is continuing to expand globally into new marketplaces and new businesses. The International Expansion Tech team builds products and services that solve unique customer needs in these international locales. Our engineers are responsible for the complete customer experience, work on a wide range of technologies (including AWS and EC2) and build and operate highly scalable, low latency websites and services. Some of our products include MyHabit.com, Junglee.com and Javari.co.jp. If you are looking for an opportunity to build creative technology solutions that positively impact millions of international customers, and relish large ownership and diverse technologies, the International Expansion team may be the right career move for you!
EC2 Networking
Are you passionate about Software-Defined Networking? How about SDN at the scale of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)? EC2 Networking is looking for SDEs who have a passion for Networking and Distributed systems. As a member of EC2 Network virtualization team, you'll have the opportunity to work with stellar engineers to build a highly available, next-generation service from the ground up to process millions of resource requests per second. We build massively distributed systems in order to scale our network offerings to levels unheard of in most of the rest of the industry. If you get deeply excited about difficult distributed system challenges and building high performance systems, drop us a line and come join us to take EC2 Cloud Networking to a whole new level.
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这是full-time 还是summer intern??
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jiandi_li 发表于 2016-2-19 11:03
这是full-time 还是summer intern??

求职神器indeed - 在全球最大的求职网站找找适合你的工作?
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Sophie.L 发表于 2016-2-20 04:38

immigration 是啥。。
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