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[CWRU] Wearable Computing 项目毕业后工作好找吗

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[16Fall] MS.EE@CWRU


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今天收到教授的录取通知,让我下周回邮件确认后,再发正式的paperwork,不清楚Wearable Computing 项目毕业后是否好找工作,但MS的课程方向感觉还好:
Dear Applicant,
. 1point 3acres 璁哄潧
Congratulations! You have been admitted by the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department for the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Wearable Computing program of study. Please let me know by e-mail by Tuesday February 23, 2016 if you accept this admission. Once you have confirmed, we will send you additional paperwork.

In reviewing the applications and the course work of the applicants being admitted, we realized a revision of the program of study will provide you with a better education and therefore expanded future opportunities in the job market or in pursuing a Ph.D. . from:

Wearables collect and process data from the wearer and the wearer’s environment, and communicate wirelessly. To this end, we have added a course in Digital Signal Processing and one in Wireless Communications.

Applications of wearables to health and wellness monitoring are most attractive in the marketplace. To this end, we have added a course in Mobile Health Technology.

Sensors are a key enabling technology for wearables, which led us to add a course on Mobile Computing and Sensor Networks.

The forgoing then allows us to cover wearable design, technology and computing in one (rather than three courses). We have combined the previously communicated:
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Fall 2016 EECS 401: Digital Signal Processing EECS 410: Mobile Health (mHealth) Technology EECS 414: Wireless Communications  Spring 2017 EECS 480TUW: Flexible Electronics Technology and Manufacturing  EECS 480XYZ:  Embedded Systems Design  Fall 2017 EECS 4XX Mobile Computing and Sensor Networks
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