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[CS/CE] 美国麻省大学罗威尔校区电子与计算机工程系招生 (Fall 2016)

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美国麻省大学罗威尔校区(University of Massachusetts Lowell)电子与计算机工程系 Prof. Luo, Yan (的课题组招生。

Yan Luo, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Massachusetts Lowell
1 University Ave, Lowell MA 01854, USA
Tel: (978) 934-2592  Fax: (978) 934-3027,

Position:            Graduate Research Assistant
Institution:        University of Massachusetts Lowell
Type:                 Full-time (18 hours per week) or Half-time (9 hours per week)
Salary:               Monthly stipend, full/half tuition waiver, plus benefits per university policy

General Summary of Position:  The Advanced Computing and Networking Systems Laboratory (ACANETS) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell invites outstanding candidates for multiple full-time or half-time graduate research assistant positions in the areas of Computer Networking, Computer Architecture, and Image Processing. ACANETS Lab is a vibrant, forward-looking laboratory that carries out internationally recognized networking research programs funded by NSF and industrial sponsors.

Multiple graduate research assistants at Ph.D. (preferred) or MS level are sought to help design and develop innovative solutions to challenging research problems in heterogeneous computing, high-speed networks, software defined networking, deep learning, and image processing. The candidate should be highly self-driven, growth-oriented, and capable of demonstrating potential as an independent researcher. Responsibilities include the surveying research literature, contributing to research discussions, designing algorithms, implementing prototypes, conducting experiments and drafting research papers/reports. Work will involve collaboration with researchers at cooperative institutions and organizations.

The University of Massachusetts Lowell is committed to increasing diversity in its faculty, staff, and student populations, as well as curriculum and support programs, while promoting an inclusive environment. We seek candidates who can contribute to that goal and encourage you to apply and to identify your strengths in this area.

Minimum Qualifications:
* Earned Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or closely related field by August 2016.
* Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
* Strong programming skills in C/C++/Java/Matlab, especially on Linux platforms.

Desirable Attributes:
* Experience in one or more of the following research areas: SDN, Internet protocols, test-bed implementation, data analytics, deep learning, and performance evaluation.
* Experience in the area of multicore architecture and multicore application design.
* Experience in the area of programming languages and compilers.
* Hands-on experience with tools such as CUDA, DPDK, SDN/OpenFlow, OpenCV, P4, Mininet, OpenDayLight, NFV and OSCARS.
* Ability to work independently, with limited direction, as well as within a team environment.
* Ability to mentor and inspire undergraduate students with limited research experience.

Application Procedure: For full consideration qualified candidates should contact Prof. Yan Luo with a resume, unofficial transcripts and other supporting materials. The candidates must apply to the graduate programs of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering through UMass Lowell Graduate Admissions ( by April 1, 2016. The positions start in fall 2016 semester.



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