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[找工就业] amazon选组求建议,前辈帮个忙

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2016(1-3月)-[14]EE硕士+fresh grad 无实习/全职 - 内推| 码农类全职@Amazonfresh grad应届毕业生


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Amazon Payments Products
As a member of the Amazon Payment Products team, you will invent new features, develop distributed services, and build a massively scalable, rock-solid platform solution using object-oriented Java on various UNIX-flavored platforms. We are a fast-paced environment, using agile methodology and lightweight SOA design patterns. We encourage innovation and expect developers to take a high level of ownership throughout the software life cycle.

Product and Usability - HR Systems
The Amazon Recruiting Technology (ART) mission is to deliver an uniquely Amazonian end-to-end recruiting solution, providing a competitive advantage in the ability to find, recruit and hire the world’s best talent. ART will innovate while building a new solution where applicable and not just replace what exists today. The benefit of this approach is a better overall recruiting system as well as leading to the replacement/deprecation of existing third-party and internal systems. You'll work with smart, experienced teammates on a medium sized cross-functional team. You'll join a culture focused on achieving aggressive goals. And you'll work on creating a world-class customer experience for the organization. Our SDEs gain experience with technical back-end infrastructure, data modeling, and web application development. Used languages are Java, Java Script, XML, Perl, and C++.

eCFI3 – Flash
The Financial Ledger and Accounting Systems Hub (FLASH) is the platform which delivers timely, complete and accurate financial information to Amazon’s general ledger. In the most simplified description, FLASH is responsible for mapping business events generated by Amazon Customer transactions into Accounting Events for accurate and balanced accounting.

Community Shopping
Do you use the customer reviews and product discussions on Amazon.com when making a purchase? Do you have ideas about cool community features that will make the customer experience even better? Bring the power of online community to millions of customers of high-profile retailers. Deliver innovative, scalable website components that leverage Amazon software and services. The Community Platform team is looking for enthusiastic software developers to build the next generation of community features for the further expansion of the Amazon platform. Working with the Community Platform team you will design, develop, and launch new, innovative features on large eCommerce websites. Our applications enable customers to share information and advice that improves the shopping experience for all. The cool projects range from customer reviews and discussions to blogs and shopping guides.  You will also be helping to build Amazon's next generation Enterprise eCommerce platform. Additionally, as a member of the Community Platform team you will share ownership of the software, including deployment, monitoring, and operations. You will also help us define and improve our agile methodology, and take part in our recruiting activities to help shape the team.
Consumer Marketing
The organization is also home to teams that conceive, build and operate great customer experiences on and off-site, designed specifically to attract customers to Amazon. These features drive shopping visits, but also build daily shopping habits, generate trials in new and different product categories and programs, and encourage customers to visit Amazon directly rather than through intermediaries. Among these teams are those overseeing Amazon’s efforts in Free/Earned Social Media, Amazon’s Deals offerings (the Amazon Goldbox and more), Holiday and other periodic on-site shopping Events, and AmazonSmile, the recently launched mirror version of Amazon.com—which allows customers to shop on behalf of their choice from among nearly a million registered nonprofit organizations. Like the marketing channel teams, each of these areas is managed by single-threaded business and technology leader—who oversees engineering, product management, and all business outputs on a global level.

Core Transportation Technology
Are you passionate about building high quality, large scalable software systems serving world-wide customers? Amazon Transportation Technology team is looking for experienced hands-on software developers for product and trade compliance technology team. We are looking for experienced hands-on Software Development Engineer (SDE) who is able to look at the big picture: from both a business and technical perspective. Transportation SDEs will drive the development of Transportation Technology and must understand the underlying business value to define the infrastructure / architecture roadmap. Experience within different development models and a history of defining and developing products will be essential. Successful Amazon SDEs expand Amazon beyond market expectations via innovation and technical exploration. Transportation SDEs will accomplish this through iterative development which includes project scoping / development and emphasizes software excellence. As a SDE, you will work with a talented team to innovate and deliver business and software solutions. Your ability to define and develop high scalable and high performance web services is essential. You will have opportunities to work on both frontend (Website) and backend (Services) and technologies such as Linux, Java, relational databases, and distributed computing technologies.

Are you ready to make a BIG difference? Join Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Our development teams create the user interfaces and large distributed systems that enable sellers worldwide to run their businesses with Amazon’s world-class fulfillment systems. Sellers all around the world are selling their products on Amazon. FBA simplifies this process and help sellers grow their business. Instead of having to do everything by themselves, sellers send inventory directly to Amazon where it is stored and managed in our secure facilities. When orders are received, Amazon will professionally pick, pack and ship the product directly to their customers. In the last quarter of 2015, Fulfillment by Amazon will serve several billion requests from sellers and customers. When sellers use FBA, their items become eligible for Amazon Prime and for Amazon returns processing and customer service. FBA is self-service and comes with APIs as well as an easy-to-use inventory management console as part of Amazon Seller Central. As mentioned by Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon.com, in multiple annual letters to shareholders FBA is one of the long-term opportunities for the company to improve the lives of sellers and buyers. We need your help to grow the business by building highly available and scalable systems that provide clean interfaces between sellers, customers and Amazon’s fulfillment center and supply chain software. You will be exposed to both technology and business. You will manage and manipulate technology and data at a scale that’s hard to find anywhere else. You will learn about every part Amazon’s systems from our catalog, ordering, and fulfillment. Learn more about our business at http://fba.amazon.com. Become a part of our fun, innovative team and make history!

. more info on 1point3acres.com
Global Security Operations
GSO owns and operates systems that continually optimize the distribution of tens of millions of products across Amazon’s warehouses in the most cost effective manner, trying to reduce overall transportation costs while preserving the customer experience. Our organization is focused on saving hundreds of millions of dollars using cutting edge science, machine learning, and scalable distributed software on the cloud that automates and optimizes inventory and shipments to customers under the uncertainty of demand, pricing and supply.

We seek a passionate, results-oriented and inventive individual to be part of a team of software developers building software systems using mathematical modeling, simulations and data analysis. Successful candidates are strong leaders who can prioritize well, communicate clearly and have a consistent track record of delivery. You should be willing to understand and experiment with various optimization techniques to build innovative software solutions while working with supply chain business partners in delivering a viable solution.
International Technology
Amazon strives to be earth’s most customer-centric company. The International Technology (InTech) organization discovers, adapts, and delivers Amazon’s cutting-edge engineering innovations to all the varied customers and cultures of the world. With high visibility to senior leadership, small teams own impactful work spanning the technology stack - from the front-end customer experience to the back-end services which power that experience at massive scale. We are looking for a full-stack Software Development Engineer capable of delivering extensions to our global retail websites and the eCommerce Platform to help catalyze Amazon’s international business expansion.

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