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2016(1-3月)-[]EE硕士+fresh grad 无实习/全职 - 内推| 码农类全职@Amazonfresh grad应届毕业生


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Amazon Answers (Part of Community Shopping):
Who you’ll work with:The Amazon Answers team is a small, scrappy team that employs lean agile development. We work in two-week iterations and ship code daily. We hate building stuff that customers don’t want, so before we invest in large production systems we quickly validate our hypotheses with small tests. We are incredibly close to customers: as an engineer on our team, you will regularly call customers to learn more about their experiences with our program. When we do build out systems for scale, they must handle a blistering number of transactions per second. We take pride in owning our entire code stack, from how fast our templates render in the customer’s browser through to our service layer and down to the underlying data model. We are a diverse team from a variety of backgrounds and interests who love dreaming up, validating, and shipping features that deliver big customer impact.
The problems you’ll work on: You will build software that engages the Amazon community to get answers to customer product questions as quickly as possible. Our problem space provides a unique blend of challenges: you will build social features to connect customers to one another, you will play with large datasets, you will analyze customer-submitted content using natural language processing techniques and you will build distributed systems to make this content available in real time to our customers.
Some example challenges that face our engineering team every day:
  • How would you help a customer who is shopping for a new camera lens find the right information? What if the website doesn’t have the information? How would you determine who in the Amazon community we should direct this question to?
  • What are the most important questions to a customer before making a purchase? How would you automatically answer these questions before the customer even knows what to ask?
  • Everyone on the team is a product owner. How can you continuously improve the Amazon Answers experience for customers every day? What are your ideas to change the shopping experience? How do you make them a reality for millions of customers?

At the Voice and Advanced Natural Shopping (VANS) team, we're building Amazon's personal shopping assistant. When you interact with a smart device like your Amazon Echo or Fire TV and ask, "Alexa, buy me chocolate", our services drive the conversation providing precise and personalization product offers. We're building services which allow you to shop, no matter where you are or what you are doing, so that you can go from 'I want that' to 'that's on the way' in a matter of seconds.
We're looking for software engineers interested in hard problems in natural user interfaces, natural language processing, machine learning, and high availability distributed systems. You'll have the freedom (and encouragement) to experiment, improve, invent, and innovate on behalf of our customers. We have a startup culture that encourages experimentation and rapid iteration, pushing the boundaries of technology, creative and outside-of-the-box problem solving, and having fun. We’re growing rapidly and looking for developers like you to help us reinvent shopping.
Amazon Fresh:
AmazonFresh is Amazon’s grocery and non-grocery home delivery pilot in Seattle that delivers unique selection and incredible convenience to our customers.  Full software platform - from the customer facing website and platform, to the warehouse management software, to tools to improve buying, to accounting, and more.  Systems are built primarily in Java and Ruby and based on open source frameworks
Millions of Sellers from countries around the world (and growing) list their products for sale on the Amazon.com Marketplace. Sellers are a critical part of Amazon’s ecosystem to deliver on our vision of offering the earth’s largest selection and lowest prices. These Sellers offer millions of unique products, providing a broad and diverse inventory of products from Books, Electronics, Apparel to Consumables and beyond. Our systems use technology appropriate to our needs, including Hadoop, Machine learning, highly scaled Java services, AWS technologies, Ajax rich UI's, and more.
Amazon Instant Video:
Amazon Instant Video is changing the way millions of customers interact with video content. The Amazon Instant Video team delivers high-quality instant video to Amazon customers through subscriptions (Amazon Prime) as well as purchases and rentals. Amazon believes so deeply in the mission of Instant Video that we're spending over $1 billion on content deals and we've even launched our own studio to create original and exclusive content.  Every day we face the challenges of a fast paced market and expanding technology set. As a member of the Instant Video team, you will spend your time as a hands-on engineer and a technical leader. You will play a key role in building software products and features from the ground up. You will use a wide range of technologies, programming languages and systems. Your responsibilities will include all aspects of software development. You will have the freedom and encouragement to explore your own ideas and the reward of seeing your contributions benefit millions of Amazon.com customers worldwide. We'd love to have you join us and build the systems, services, and apps that delight our end users. We build apps for the web, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, and set top boxes. Using advanced machine learning and data mining techniques, we help our customers discover the best movies and TV shows. We measure data in Petabytes and streaming in Exabytes. We obsess over big picture problems like "How do we deliver video that’s more reliable than the internet its delivered over?" to low level details like "How do we squeeze maximum picture quality out of every bit delivered?" We strive to be on the forefront of new consumer technologies like UHD TV and High Dynamic Range video. We build huge scale distributed systems on the AWS cloud to make sure our service is always reliable for our customers. Join us and change the way customers watch movies and TV shows instantly.
GPS Platform:
"Amazon Global Payment Services is the preferred provider of secure, scalable and low latency payment services worldwide. Amazon Global Payment Services adds value to Amazon, its merchant affiliates and any other business requiring electronics payments services by innovating and delivering new payment mechanisms, delivering best-cost services to our clients.
Amazon Payments Services will be the preferred provider of payments services used to pay, or to be paid by, anyone using the payment method of their choice. It provides improved sales revenue by drawing customers to e-commerce sites through innovative payment mechanisms, while offering the lowest cost for payments transactions."
Mobile Shopping:
The Mobile Shopping team owns Amazon's mobile shopping applications that allow all teams at Amazon to build, deploy and maintain the services and features that enable customers to shop whenever, wherever and however they wish. We develop the features that enable customers to use the unique characteristics of their mobile devices to shop and interact with Amazon in new and innovative ways.
Seller Performance:
The Seller Performance team manages the performance provided by sellers to buyers in order to build a trusted marketplace for all parties. They help good sellers become great and ensure problematic sellers are identified as early as possible. SDEs shift between roles including building robust, scalable distributed systems, planning the analytical projects required to quantitatively manage seller performance, and driving business initiatives with multiple stakeholders including our selling and buying communities. This team gives exposure to Object Oriented Programming (i.e. Java,C++)  and distributed computing / service oriented architecture.
At Amazon, business and technology aren’t separate – our people who run the retail business have a deep appreciation of how technology can be leveraged in making our ability to serve customers better. Our technologists are just as excited about how the systems they build impact the retail business as they are about their specialization. Whether it is about improving database performance, horizontal partitioning and scaling, distributed computing, workflow systems or machine learning algorithms, their common interests are also about building the next technology solution to improve our business.
The Financial Ledger and Accounting Systems Hub (FLASH) is the platform which delivers timely, complete and accurate financial information to Amazon’s general ledger. In the most simplified description, FLASH is responsible for mapping business events generated by Amazon Customer transactions into Accounting Events for accurate and balanced accounting.
"eCFT is responsible for protecting customer and corporate data across all of Amazon, whether it's the retail website, Kindle or AWS, we secure the data. Every aspect of our business interacts with our systems, if our systems are not up and running the company stops, and if we're not rapidly delivering new, easy to use features the whole company slows down. We're at the intersection of can never go down, and need to move at agile, internet speed. We're connected to all aspects of Amazon’s business.
We are looking for software engineers who thrive on complex problems and relish the challenge of operating a complex and mission critical system under extreme loads. Our system responds to millions of service requests per minute. We do security software for high availability systems. Do you think you are up to the challenge? Or would you like to learn more and stretch your skills and career?
The successful candidate is expected to contribute to all parts of the software development and deployment lifecycle, including design, development, documentation, testing and operations. They must possess strong verbal and written communication skills, be self-driven and deliver high quality results in a fast paced environment. They need to really enjoy working closely with their peers in a group of very talented engineers.
We're looking for people who are smart and can get things done, though the following skill sets provide a good foundation for a quick ramp up to being productive in our Java, Linux and Oracle-based environment. We're looking for a range of experience, from brilliant and motivated new college graduates to technical leaders with the scars and battle-tested wisdom."
"From massive scale and ridiculous reliability, to the customer interaction and innovation that powers new businesses across Amazon, the eCommerce Platform Services group is at the heart of Amazon's growth and success. Our global systems are part of every purchase, every shipment and every login. Our constant innovation enables and powers new business initiatives across the entire company, including those in Kindle/Digital, Retail, Payments and AWS.
Our Identity Services enable hundreds of millions of customers to easily and securely authenticate, on a website or mobile device, and connect their Amazon account to their social networks. Our Ordering Systems handle every Amazon purchase anywhere in the world, and help ensure that it gets to your door. Our Promotions platform enables the business to configure hundreds of promotions and manage them efficiently and in real-time, as we welcome customers all year around, and in particular with specials on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In addition to our platform services, we drive architectural change across Amazon to keep the company moving at internet speed whether we want to launch a new country, a new device, a new mobile application, a new website, or an entirely new business."
Consumer Website:
Consumer Website owns the technology stack for Amazon.com websites worldwide from the front-end customer experience to back-end service technology and website hosting. This includes ownership of core website pages like gateway, nav, detail page, and checkout, along with localization, media services, website rendering, content management, content optimization, Weblab, Clickstream, Web analytics, Robot Detection and Mitigation, traffic routing, DDoS protection, service frameworks, operations automation and more.
Are you ready to make a BIG difference? Join Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Our development teams create the user interfaces and large distributed systems that enable sellers worldwide to run their businesses with Amazon’s world-class fulfillment systems. Sellers all around the world are selling their products on Amazon. FBA simplifies this process and help sellers grow their business. Instead of having to do everything by themselves, sellers send inventory directly to Amazon where it is stored and managed in our secure facilities. When orders are received, Amazon will professionally pick, pack and ship the product directly to their customers. In the last quarter of 2015, Fulfillment by Amazon will serve several billion requests from sellers and customers. When sellers use FBA, their items become eligible for Amazon Prime and for Amazon returns processing and customer service. FBA is self-service and comes with APIs as well as an easy-to-use inventory management console as part of Amazon Seller Central. As mentioned by Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon.com, in multiple annual letters to shareholders FBA is one of the long-term opportunities for the company to improve the lives of sellers and buyers. We need your help to grow the business by building highly available and scalable systems that provide clean interfaces between sellers, customers and Amazon’s fulfillment center and supply chain software. You will be exposed to both technology and business. You will manage and manipulate technology and data at a scale that’s hard to find anywhere else. You will learn about every part Amazon’s systems from our catalog, ordering, and fulfillment. Learn more about our business at http://fba.amazon.com. Become a part of our fun, innovative team and make history!
Last Mile:
Prime Now is one of Amazon’s benefits for Prime members, which offers one-hour delivery on tens of thousands of daily essentials through a new mobile app. With Amazon Flex, individuals can now be their own boss while earning up to $25 or more delivering ultra-fast Prime Now and Restaurant orders. Both Amazon Flex and delivery experience of Prime Now are powered by the Flex App, which is available on iOS and Android. The Flex App works in concert with our advanced logistics systems and technology in the Flex Platform. The Flex App and Platform will allow the delivery partner to onboard, schedule delivery times in advance or on demand, guide them through their deliveries with in-app mapping and navigation, and more. You can find out more about Amazon Flex, our newest delivery innovation, at flex.amazon.com. Come join the team and help us make history! It is still Day 1! Come and be a part of Amazon's amazing growth story! If you are looking for an opportunity to solve deep technical problems and build innovative solutions in a fast paced environment working with extremely smart, passionate software developers, this might be the role for you. You will work on hard problems at scale and will have autonomy to deliver. You will learn about real-time adaptive transportation solutions, routing algorithms and optimizations, operating on large-scale datasets, mobile development, and more. Technologies include: C, C++, Java, and Perl




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