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[选组选Offer] 最新amazon选组求指导,给建议送大米,感谢

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2016(1-3月)-[]DataScience/Analytics硕士+3-5年 - 内推| 码农类全职@Amazonfresh grad应届毕业生


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Inventory Planning and Control is responsible for optimizing two of Amazon’s core business drivers: the cost of goods and outbound transportation. Our systems understand what inventory to buy, how much to buy and where to buy it from. We then decide how to place billions of items across our world-wide warehouse network, and determine the optimal way to ship every customer order. We build systems that run at Amazon scale using cloud computing and service oriented architecture, we develop and operate high-throughput distributed systems, and utilize numerous classes of algorithmic approaches (combinatorial, non-linear and stochastic optimization, machine learning, statistical analysis, simulation). We operate in a complex problem domain (Supply Chain, Inventory Management) and rapidly innovate to provide low prices, Earth’s Biggest Selection, and fast delivery for Amazon customers globally. We’re finding new ways to leverage Amazon’s scale and computing infrastructure to build completely new solutions in areas such as buying strategy, optimization, selection, and operations planning that have never been solved at this scale. No experience with Supply Chain is required, just a willingness to learn and a desire to solve very tough problems.  If the idea of building large scale, high availability software systems using mathematical modeling, simulations and data analysis gets you excited, come work for us!

Seller Performance – Located in Phoenix, AZ area
The Seller Performance team manages the performance provided by sellers to buyers in order to build a trusted marketplace for all parties. They help good sellers become great and ensure problematic sellers are identified as early as possible. SDEs shift between roles including building robust, scalable distributed systems, planning the analytical projects required to quantitatively manage seller performance, and driving business initiatives with multiple stakeholders including our selling and buying communities. This team gives exposure to Object Oriented Programming (i.e. Java,C++)  and distributed computing / service oriented architecture.

OSS – Position is located in the Phoenix, AZ area (Data Analysis)
Amazon’s Supply Chain Optimization Technology (SCOT) is looking for experienced software engineers and developers who want to build Amazon’s next generation of inventory planning systems. Optimal Sourcing Systems (OSS), part of SCOT, designs and builds systems that measure and manage Amazon’s supplier capabilities, identify and reacts to supply disruptions, and prioritizes inbound freight for our global network. Our software is used by every country Amazon services, and is a critical link to ensuring the products our customers want are available when they need them.. From 1point 3acres bbs

As an SDE in OSS, you’ll work closely some of the brightest software engineers, scientists, economists, and product managers to solve highly complex supply chain challenges. You and your fellow engineers are responsible for designing the architecture, building the software, and working with the team to deploy your solutions across the globe. OSS is a unique opportunity to both create and see the direct impact of your work on billions of dollars’ worth of inventory in one of the world’s most advanced supply chains, and at massive scale.

You should be comfortable diving deep into technical architectures and requirements, be able to quickly identify solutions to challenges discovered during development, and ready to work with some of the latest cloud computing technology. Prior experience building stable, scalable, solutions is required. Prior experience with data mining, databases, or massively parallel systems is a plus. Successful candidates will thrive in fast-paced environments that leverage agile planning techniques, encourage and reward creative design, intelligent risk taking, and find innovative ways to leverage cutting edge technology.
TAM (Data Analysis)
TAM provides technical support for millions of Amazon’s Sellers and the Technology team supports this critical role with both frontend and backend tools.  We focus on software latency, Associate and Seller tool usability, and on creative ways to help Seller’s be successful on the multiple platforms we support. SDEs get exposure to C/C++, SQL, OOP, Perl, Unix application programming, databases, and client-server issues with an emphasis on large database-driven systems and data-mining.
Consumer Marketing (Machine Learning)
Team mission: Our team owns all notification sending for Amazon and its subsidiaries. Notification sending includes emails, text messages, and mobile push notifications sent to mobile applications like the Amazon Shopping App, the MP3 App, and dozens of other Amazon-owned apps. For mobile push notifications, we own the workflow end-to-end: from planning which notifications are sent with machine learning algorithms to a real-time sending system that needs to scale to hundreds of millions of notifications a day, to the actual Android and iOS client code that needs to run on these devices to display the notifications and report metrics back into our platform.

Technologies used: Our backend is built on numerous AWS services like EC2, S3, DynamoDB, SQS, and EMR. We use Hadoop/MapReduce for planning our notifications. In terms of programming languages, we mostly use Java, but we do own some client-side Android Java code and Objective C code as well.
Community Shopping (Machine LEarning
The Community Shopping team is responsible for iconic Amazon products such as Customer Reviews, Wish Lists, as well as many emerging products such as Follow, which allows customers to connect with their favorite authors, brands, and reviewers.
We are completely reinventing social shopping and looking for team members to build the next generation of experiences that help customers connect, discover, and purchase products they love.
If you are interested in exploring how online social trends will change shopping and are a pragmatist who can translate these customer needs into workable technology solutions, then we want to talk to you.
Join us and help build innovative products used every day, by millions of people around the world.

补充内容 (2016-3-15 11:36):
排版出了点问题,组分别是IPC, Seller Performance,OSS,TAM ,Consumer Marketing,Community Shopping

补充内容 (2016-3-17 05:10):
再补充两个 International Retail, Info Sec,求建议啊求
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HR会先约一下么  还是直接电话就打过来了 = =
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DIMfang 发表于 2016-3-16 01:23
另外消费水平西雅图 ...

感谢层主,我只选了seattle,不知道HR为啥给我发别的地方。。。确实好几个都是machine learning相关的
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