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[CS/CE] 悉尼科技大学AAi招收博士生

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帮发招生贴。悉尼大学CS数据方向的博士生,奖学金很丰厚。 有意向的同学,请把英文简历发送到这个邮箱: 。在邮箱题目中请注明“博士申请



PhD Scholarships in Data Science and Data analytics Research at the University of Technology, Sydney

We invite applications for PhD scholarships to join a vibrant research team on real-world high-impact data science and data analytics to tackle theoretical and applied research problems at the Advanced Analytics Institute, the University of Technology Sydney.?

Advanced Analytics Institute is a world-leading research organisation with a focus on big data, data sciences and data analytics field for its high quality Research, high calibre analyst Education, and high impact Development The Institute is home to world leading analytics researchers who work on a diverse range of data science and analytical problems in the areas of statistics, mathematics, data mining and machine learning, and on industry-specific projects. AAi is proud to support and mentor the next generation of high calibre analytics graduates through awarded degrees in analytics and short courses.

The team has worked towards the impact publications and industry solutions in related areas, highlighting the unique value to academia and industry evidenced by a number of successful funded projects from government and business. In order to maintain and lift our profile of research track record and industry engagement nationally and internationally, we sincerely recruit creative, passionate, and self-motivated talented students to join our team.

Qualifications required: Successful applicants will hold or be close to completing Honours or Master Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or other related fields with a strong background in data mining, statistical machine learning, web analytics, social analytics, or text analytics evidenced by substantial capability in algorithmic programming and models development, and industry project experience. Prior relevant experience in social computing and recommender systems is a plus. Successful applicants will also be offered to participate in industry-oriented projects and industry internship with top-up payment.

Duration of Scholarship: Fixed-term, 36 months with possible 6 month extension:

Amount of Scholarship: Approximately AU$52,500 per annum, i.e., living stipend and tuition fee waiver, plus possible top-up industry scholarship 5k-10k p.a..

The position will remain open until filled. Please apply with your CV to Dr Xin Li ( Your email will be forwarded to the supervisor after simple first-round filtering.

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