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[选组选Offer] Amazon 选组求指导

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2016(1-3月)-[14]CS硕士+fresh grad 无实习/全职 - 内推| 码农类全职@Amazonfresh grad应届毕业生


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Amazon 求选组指导。。

TAM provides technical support for millions of Amazon’s Sellers and the Technology team supports this critical role with both frontend and backend tools.  We focus on software latency, Associate and Seller tool usability, and on creative ways to help Seller’s be successful on the multiple platforms we support. SDEs get exposure to C/C++, SQL, OOP, Perl, Unix application programming, databases, and client-server issues with an emphasis on large database-driven systems and data-mining.
The Delivery Promise team is seeking a highly skilled Software Engineer to help define and build systems that surface the capabilities of Amazon's world-scale fulfillment network as promises to customers. We're a small agile team whose mission is to drive great customer experience by using scalable and robust software, so the challenges and opportunities span both business and technical realms. We are seeking SDEs who can conceive and design complex software systems and build them using Java or C++.
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Core Consumables
Amazon's North America Retail is divided into several "categories".  Each category we, the customer, known as a specific type of product or brand.  Teams are small and SDEs hired into the team are highly valued as they will assist the internal and external partners in building and shaping what each "store front" for the product look and feels like on the Amazon website.  An example of this would be the look and feel of our Toy's department and how this has changed YoY as online shopping has taken a more center stage versus in store shopping.

Product and Usability - HR Systems
The Amazon Recruiting Technology (ART) mission is to deliver an uniquely Amazonian end-to-end recruiting solution, providing a competitive advantage in the ability to find, recruit and hire the world’s best talent. ART will innovate while building a new solution where applicable and not just replace what exists today. The benefit of this approach is a better overall recruiting system as well as leading to the replacement/deprecation of existing third-party and internal systems. You'll work with smart, experienced teammates on a medium sized cross-functional team. You'll join a culture focused on achieving aggressive goals. And you'll work on creating a world-class customer experience for the organization. Our SDEs gain experience with technical back-end infrastructure, data modeling, and web application development. Used languages are Java, Java Script, XML, Perl, and C++.

eCFI3 – Flash
The Financial Ledger and Accounting Systems Hub (FLASH) is the platform which delivers timely, complete and accurate financial information to Amazon’s general ledger. In the most simplified description, FLASH is responsible for mapping business events generated by Amazon Customer transactions into Accounting Events for accurate and balanced accounting.

Consumer Marketing
The organization is also home to teams that conceive, build and operate great customer experiences on and off-site, designed specifically to attract customers to Amazon. These features drive shopping visits, but also build daily shopping habits, generate trials in new and different product categories and programs, and encourage customers to visit Amazon directly rather than through intermediaries. Among these teams are those overseeing Amazon’s efforts in Free/Earned Social Media, Amazon’s Deals offerings (the Amazon Goldbox and more), Holiday and other periodic on-site shopping Events, and AmazonSmile, the recently launched mirror version of Amazon.com—which allows customers to shop on behalf of their choice from among nearly a million registered nonprofit organizations. Like the marketing channel teams, each of these areas is managed by single-threaded business and technology leader—who oversees engineering, product management, and all business outputs on a global level.
. 1point 3acres 璁哄潧
International Technology
Amazon strives to be earth’s most customer-centric company. The International Technology (InTech) organization discovers, adapts, and delivers Amazon’s cutting-edge engineering innovations to all the varied customers and cultures of the world. With high visibility to senior leadership, small teams own impactful work spanning the technology stack - from the front-end customer experience to the back-end services which power that experience at massive scale. We are looking for a full-stack Software Development Engineer capable of delivering extensions to our global retail websites and the eCommerce Platform to help catalyze Amazon’s international business expansion.

Audible is a mission driven, highly profitable media company in hyper-growth. We're a collection of artists, designers and technologists with a love of literature, performance and the spoken word. We're the leading provider of audiobooks worldwide with a huge catalog of exclusive content and a first-class listening experience on Kindle, Android and iOS devices. We love our customers and we love our product. We're on a mission to share great stories with the world and we want you to be a part of that journey. The Audible Data Warehouse Team focuses on building a scalable and reliable technology platform that will act as a Business Intelligence enabler to the Audible business globally. They build, deliver, and operate a data-framework, which along with the appropriate BI/Reporting toolkit, enabling the Audible business to gain rich business insights into various business performances. You are someone who is curious with strong technical skills, enjoys building great software systems to delight customers. You will be building and enhancing systems that can process large data sets, create internal tools to manage, monitor and audit our systems. You will also work with business teams to understand their requirements and propose, prototype and deliver innovative solutions.

Our vision is to enable customers globally to discover the most relevant products and services through programs that enrich their pre and post purchase experience.  PSD is organized around large programs that require product management, UX design, and software development talent to deliver, such as Services Discovery that includes 3P warranties;  Product Discovery that includes Comparison and Product Bundles; and Strategic programs around pricing transparency.

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同问楼主 对Hardlines有没有了解  听HR介绍时 感觉这个Hardlines还不错  是fullstack  前后端都有
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同问楼主 对Hardlines有没有了解  听HR介绍时 感觉这个Hardlines还不错  是fullstack  前后端都有

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