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Susan627 发表于 2016-3-24 12:26:26 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
[16Fall.MS.AD无奖][CS@CSE@WUSTL]通知时间: 2016-03-24 中午12点
  • 背景见定位贴:

  • 本科: 信息安全 @ UESTC, GPA : 本科其他211
  • 研究生: @ , GPA :
  • T单项和总分:
  • G单项和总分:
  • sub专业和分数:
  • 背景的其他说明(如牛推等):
  • 提交时间: 一月初
  • 结果学校国家、地区: 美国
  • 查到status的方式:email通知 网申status页面 
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    It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been admitted as a graduate student in the Department of
    Computer Science and Engineering. We note that you intend to register in Fall 2016 to take a program of study
    leading to the M.S. In Computer Science. This admission will expire if you have not registered within one full
    semester of the aforementioned intended start semester.

    Your degree requires that you complete 30 course units. The standard graduate course load is 6 credits during a
    summer semester and 9 credits in each academic year semester (fall and spring), so that while it may be possible. 1point 3acres 璁哄潧
    to complete your degree within one calendar year that would entail one or more semesters taking a heavier load
    than normal, and the ability to do so may be subject to when particular courses are offered by the department..鐣欏璁哄潧-涓浜-涓夊垎鍦
    Alternatively, completing 30 units over a sequence of four consecutive semesters may be more feasible under a
    normal persemester load.. 涓浜-涓夊垎-鍦帮紝鐙鍙戝竷

    You will be required to be tested for English proficiency upon arrival. You may be required to enroll in one or more
    of the English as a Foreign Language courses taught each semester. The cost of these courses will be your
    financial responsibility.

    International students are required to enroll for at least 9 course units per semester (typically 3 courses) to
    maintain fulltime status during the academic year semesters and must make suitable progress towards
    completion of the degree each semester.

    If you accept this offer, it will be necessary for you to certify a minimum amount to cover your first year to study
    in order for us to be able to request the necessary student visa documents. The amount for the 201617
    academic year is $72,312. The amount needed for certification includes anticipated costofliving.鏈枃鍘熷垱鑷1point3acres璁哄潧
    expenses, as well as health insurance and miscellaneous fees; the amount does not include any summer program costs should you pursue
    summer options. Further details on financial certification documentation can be found here.




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