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[UTDallas] 申的统计和商业分析,今天发来邮件说祝贺录取,可网申页面没变,也不知道录了哪个

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[16Fall] MS.DataScience/Analytics@UTD


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统计,商业分析都申请了,今天发来邮件说祝贺录取,可网申页面没变,也不知道录了哪个项目。 邮件开头dear student, 估计是群发的。
-google 1point3acres
求大神帮忙小弟一看是否是真的录取。 附邮件开头。  另外因为很多人都是不付UTD申请费申请的,我也一样,是不是可能是因为这个?

Dear Student,

Congratulations on your admission to The University of Texas at Dallas!  Choosing to come to the United States to pursue your education can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming process. The UT Dallas International Student Services Office (ISSO) is available to guide you, and we look forward to assisting you in your transition.
Here are some important links to answer questions that you may have related to UT Dallas.

If you will be attending UT Dallas under an Exchange Agreement with your college or university outside the U.S. submit the following documents for a J-1 Form DS-2019 to
  • Completed UT Dallas J-1 Student DS-2019 Request form.
  • The passport ID pages for you and your dependents, if any.
  • Proof of financial support.

If you will be attending UT Dallas as an F-1 Student,  request a UT Dallas I-20 and begin the F-1 visa process:
  • Students outside the U.S.:
    • Review the ISSO website for a complete list of documents to submit to the ISSO.  Once these financial and passport documents are received, the ISSO will issue your I-20.
    • Explore the ISSO Financial Aid and Scholarships webpage to learn about graduate assistantships, scholarships, loans, on-campus jobs, and items to help you with the financial requirements for the I-20.



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