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[找工就业] Amazon末班车 求分组指导

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2016(4-6月)-[]CS硕士+fresh grad 无实习/全职 - 内推| 码农类全职@Amazonfresh grad应届毕业生


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刚刚offer call,HR给了4个组选,请教下地里的前辈们,哪个组比较有意思,能学到东西,on call不太多。.

Hardlines – Seattle, WA
The Hardlines technical teams currently own the end-to-end experience for multiple stores on in areas such as Consumer Electronics, Wireless, Automotive, and Industrial & Scientific Supplies. In addition, we own, which is a dedicated B2B marketplace with core transactional and product discovery features focused on the needs of our business customers. Our applications are built using a combination of Object Oriented, Functional, and Scripting languages like Java, C++, Closure, Ruby, and Perl. We consume a lot of Amazon Web Services (AWS) like EC2, S3, and DynamoDB, and a lot of internal services like Authentication, Payments, Catalog and Search. At the same time we produce web services that are consumed by our teams and other teams in Amazon. Interested in Machine Learning? Great, we are using Machine learning to resolve some of the problems we have around pricing, data classification and personalization. Interested in Open Source technologies? Great! We use Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Spring, JUnit, jQuery, Mason, and others; several of our developers have been Open Source contributors.

Product & Usability – Seattle, WA
The Amazon Recruiting Technology (ART) mission is to deliver an uniquely Amazonian end-to-end recruiting solution.  The team is responsible for developing and building innovative scalable technology solutions that are powerful and lightweight.  This is crucial to all of Amazon by providing a competitive advantage in the ability to find, recruit and hire the world’s best talent. You'll work with smart, experienced teammates on a medium sized cross-functional team. You'll join a culture focused on achieving aggressive goals, and creating a world-class customer experience for the organization. Our SDEs gain experience with technical back-end infrastructure, data modeling, and web application development by building high-performance, reliable systems in a complex, multi-tiered, distributed environment (Service Oriented Architecture). We are looking for engineers with experience or interest in optimization, data mining, and data analysis and are comfortable working in Java, C++, Perl, and distributed computing technologies..1point3acres缃

Platform Excellence – Seattle, WA
Are you interested in high-performance, scalable systems and making a big impact for Amazon's customers? Would you like to unravel the multitude of factors that contribute to the performance and scalability of Ever wondered how the Amazon Retail Website is architected? Platform Excellence is 100% focused on improving the customer experience on If the website crashes, we’re on it. If the website is slow, we’ll fix it. If the website is throwing errors, we’ll roll back the changes. This is a high energy, high visibility job that comes with exciting challenges and great reward. We interface with dozens of teams and systems across the company and our output is sent to executive management, including Jeff himself.

Amazon Books – Seattle, WA
Would you like to be one of the founding members of a team that is solving a new business problem through innovative technology? Would you like to discover how machine learning and mobile technology can be used to solve these problems?  Amazon Books is a physical retail store that offers a curated selection of books and an array of Amazon devices. It is a magical experience that combines the best parts of a neighborhood bookstore with’s low prices and the expertise of passionate, knowledgeable staff who tailor their approach to the unique needs of each customer. Our team that will be building brand new merchandising, search and discovery solutions. In the coming year, we need to innovate and automate manual processes in order to scale faster. The team will be building solutions that will enable merchandising of products in the store. As a Software Development Engineer on the team, you will help tackle a variety of technical challenges, build mobile apps, backend and frontend services. We are looking for smart engineers who can effectively deal with ambiguity and work independently to clarify requirements, build quick prototypes or proofs of concept and deliver results quickly.
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