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[EE] ECE PhD positions @University of Massachusetts Lowell, 全奖,16年秋季入学

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张华亮教授目前任职于麻省大学洛威尔分校电子和计算机工程系(ECE Dept., University of Massachusetts Lowell), 他的课题组需要招收2016年秋季博士生 (2016年7-8月份入学, several openings are available immediately),具体信息及要求如下:

We are seeking for PhD students to conduct research in the field of applied electromagnetics.

Related topics include RF/microwave circuits and systems, THz and IR devices,metamaterials/metasurface, optics and nano-photonics, and nano-antennas. Students with theoretical and/or experimental experience on these topics are welcome to apply.


A Bachelor or Master (preferred) in Electrical Engineering, physics, optical engineering, or related disciplines is required for this position. The candidate should have skills in one, or several, of the following technical areas:

 Theoretical analysis, modeling and design of nanophotonic devices

 Design, modeling and experimental characterization of RF/microwave circuits and components

 Experimental characterization of nanophotonic devices

 Hands-on experience or understanding of cleanroom device fabrication

 Familiar with commercial electromagnetic and circuit simulation tools (such as HFSS, COMSOL, CST, Lumerical, ADS, Microwave Office, Cadence)

 Good in communication and technical writing

 Good at one programing language (C/C++, or matlab)

UMass Lowell在波士顿附近,地理位置好,生活便利,学校附近公司很多,假期实习,毕

找工作都有很大优势。(张老师课题组毕业后的学生找到了很好的工作。)详细介绍请看 ... /Zhang-Hualing.aspx

More details on the application process can be found at: ... rad-admissions.aspx  

Interested applicants please send your resume to:






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