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[找工就业] 求教一道business case interview的问题

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貌似是capital one 的一道老题.鐣欏璁哄潧-涓浜-涓夊垎鍦
Now we would like to compare two approaches:
1) Tel-marketing (make direct phone calls to potential customers)
2) Direct Mail (send mails to potential customers)

Suppose the cost will be $1.00 per call, $0.50 per mail.
Suppose the contact rate will be 50% for phone calls (assume that each call cost $1.00 no matter the customer is contacted or not),
and 100% for direct mail.
Suppose the successful rate for those made through phone calls is 6%, for direct mail is 2%.
Suppose the profit for bringing in each customer is $100.
Which approach is better, and why?

我知道这个要分情况,fixed budget 和fixed # of customers 没什么问题,我想问下的是:
1. fixed budget + fixed # of customers: say $ 100 and 150 customers     这里的意思应该指phone call 和mail两种方法一起用是吧?用线性规划画个图来解?
2. What is the exact limited funds where you should mail the same number of customers as you call?  这个我实在是没弄明白。。
3. given unlimited budget    这个是不是指可以不用管cost, 找有较高成功率的那个就成?也就是phone call?
4. given unlimited customer list    这个是用cost比较低的?
5. unlimited budget & customer list .
. more info on

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