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[专业/学校/教授] 加拿大卡尔加里大学Dr. Long教授招收生物信息学,计算生物学博士或硕士学生公告

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PhD or Master student positions in Bioinformatics &Computational Biology
Applicants for two full-time graduate student positions inthe area of Bioinformatics or Computational Biology as applied togenomics-related problems are invited to join a research group led by Dr. QuanLong, Assistant Professor in the Departments of Biochemistry & MolecularBiology and Medical Genetics, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary,and member of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute for Child& Maternal Health. More information on Dr. Long can be found athttp://www.ucalgary.ca/bmb/profiles/dr-quan-long
Qualified applicants may have an undergraduate (or master)degree in computer sciences, mathematics/statistics, bioinformatics, or relateddiscipline. Experimentally trained candidates with strong computer programingskills are also welcome to apply. Excellent programming skills as well asinterest in solving biological or medical problems are expected. Theapplicants’ GPA and English proficiency (if international applicant) must meetthe requirement of the university (http://www.grad.ucalgary.ca/futu ... ission-requirements).The successful candidates will join a blossoming multidisciplinary andinter-Faculty team of bioinformaticians, clinical researchers and basicscientists whose research spans model organisms to human disease. The researchtopic in the group could be flexible, subject to mutual interests of the candidatesand the supervisor. Examples could be (1) Analysis of pathogen diversity totrack and predict antimicrobial resistance; (2) Statistical methods developmentfor predicting phenotype based on genome and in-between-omes; (3) Computationalmethods development for high-throughput sequencing.
The Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Instituteencourages a translational approach to research with an emphasis on people,core programs and infrastructure. The Department, Institute and School are hometo a number of excellent core research facilities, such as state-of-the-artproteomics and genomics labs, including a next-generation sequencing andbioinformatics platform. Please visit our websites at http://www.ucalgary.ca/bmb/and http://research4kids.ucalgary.ca /for  more information.. 留学申请论坛-一亩三分地
Increasing scholarly capacity will help the University of Calgary meet its strategic goal to become one of Canada's top five researchuniversities by 2016, where innovative teaching and groundbreaking research gohand in hand, and where we fully engage the communities we both serve and lead.The strategy is called Eyes High, inspired by the university's Gaelic motto,which translates as “I will lift up my eyes”.
Calgary, Canada’s fastest growing major city, offers avibrant, multicultural and family-oriented environment with a population ofmore than one million. Situated near the Rocky Mountains, Banff National Parkand Lake Louise, Calgary has great quality of life and outstanding recreationalactivities. Interested candidates should submit by email, a single PDF filecontaining: curriculum vitae, transcripts, and summary of research interests(optional), to Dr. Quan Long. (quan.long@ucalgary.ca)   
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