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[自学] 转cs友好的加拿大学校

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mengmengli 发表于 2016-5-6 02:28:19 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式


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请问有没有加拿大有没有对转CS友好学校的名单 我知道ubc以前有一个项目针对非cs学生的 但今年取消了 不知道其他学校有没有类似的项目
Sin 发表于 2016-5-6 02:32:45 | 显示全部楼层
你什么背景?可以考虑Waterloo, Western, McMaster的ECE MEng,招人标准不高,很好进。
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 楼主| mengmengli 发表于 2016-5-6 02:46:59 | 显示全部楼层
我在ubc读物理硕士 今年9月份毕业 主要担心自己没有修cs相关的课程 summer会旁听两三门课 不知道会不会有帮助   

ECE MEng这个方向好找工作吗 感觉还是cs容易些
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desperatelife 发表于 2016-5-6 02:53:15 | 显示全部楼层
windsor, concordia, dalhousie都是明确招收转专业的硕士项目,一般去加拿大都喜欢读二学位,就是再重读本科。。。


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Sin 发表于 2016-5-6 02:58:14 | 显示全部楼层
mengmengli 发表于 2016-5-5 13:46
我在ubc读物理硕士 今年9月份毕业 主要担心自己没有修cs相关的课程 summer会旁听两三门课 不知道会不会有帮 ...

ECE MEng你全选软课就行了,大家都知道CS好,你不是说转专业不好申吗?与其去windsor, concordia, dalhousie读CS不如来Waterloo读ECE是不是?
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 楼主| mengmengli 发表于 2016-5-6 03:21:22 | 显示全部楼层
desperatelife 发表于 2016-5-6 02:53
windsor, concordia, dalhousie都是明确招收转专业的硕士项目,一般去加拿大都喜欢读二学位,就是再重读本 ...

好吧 原来就这几个的学校接受转专业的 泪奔 还要去那边补修课 感觉那边的工作机会也不会太好

我有考虑过读ubc cs 的second degree 但还下不了决心
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 楼主| mengmengli 发表于 2016-5-6 03:25:45 | 显示全部楼层
Sin 发表于 2016-5-6 02:58
ECE MEng你全选软课就行了,大家都知道CS好,你不是说转专业不好申吗?与其去windsor, concordia, dalhou ...

如何能这样选课的话 也不失为一个好办法  
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skim_1020 发表于 2016-5-6 08:05:22 | 显示全部楼层
个人觉得基础还是很重要的 学好了不管拿本科还是硕士学位又有多大区别呢
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41011075zjf 发表于 2016-5-8 13:09:18 | 显示全部楼层
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Soviet 发表于 2016-5-9 06:54:07 | 显示全部楼层
UToronto MEng CE track,亲测转CS利器, CE track下全部纯计算机课程,同时CS系 课随便选。录取门槛低。哪怕录成ECE的其他track入学前给小秘打个招呼就转了,多大还是名校,地理位置优越,还可以选择1年读完,简直不能更好的加拿大转CS项目。
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牛逼灿灿闪荣光 发表于 2016-5-9 07:10:31 | 显示全部楼层
本帖最后由 牛逼灿灿闪荣光 于 2016-5-9 07:11 编辑
Soviet 发表于 2016-5-9 06:54
UToronto MEng CE track,亲测转CS利器, CE track下全部纯计算机课程,同时CS系 课随便选。录取门槛低。哪 ...

YOU R MY DESTINY.....求问这个学位正常情况下读多久?
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linda0507 发表于 2016-5-9 12:37:52 | 显示全部楼层
in vancouver, you can try SFU, BCIT, they are both very good. BCIT is more like sjsu in bay area.
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Soviet 发表于 2016-5-9 16:27:44 | 显示全部楼层
牛逼灿灿闪荣光 发表于 2016-5-8 18:10
YOU R MY DESTINY.....求问这个学位正常情况下读多久?

我念书的时候是可以1年读完的,现在也有2年读完的那种extend track,建议你直接去多大官网找,key words:ECE, M.Eng
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 楼主| mengmengli 发表于 2016-5-10 14:00:12 | 显示全部楼层
41011075zjf 发表于 2016-5-8 13:09

我查了 感觉没有相关背景或者没有修课的同学申请到的概率很小
In exceptional circumstances, we may consider admitting such students to our graduate program, provided that they fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

They have become established in their profession, with a serious practical experience in Computing Science
Their accomplishments in their primary discipline are truly outstanding (for example, they hold a scholarship from a respectable funding agency like NSERC, AIF, SSHRC, CIHR)
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 楼主| mengmengli 发表于 2016-5-10 14:02:19 | 显示全部楼层
linda0507 发表于 2016-5-9 12:37
in vancouver, you can try SFU, BCIT, they are both very good. BCIT is more like sjsu in bay area.

SFU应该比较不好申请 BCIT好像是两年的program 拿到的是bachelor degree
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 楼主| mengmengli 发表于 2016-5-10 14:03:17 | 显示全部楼层
Soviet 发表于 2016-5-9 16:27
我念书的时候是可以1年读完的,现在也有2年读完的那种extend track,建议你直接去多大官网找,key words: ...

为什么一年的比两年的extend track 更贵呢。。。
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luyuhaoCA 发表于 2016-5-10 14:11:11 | 显示全部楼层
Sin 发表于 2016-5-6 02:32
你什么背景?可以考虑Waterloo, Western, McMaster的ECE MEng,招人标准不高,很好进。

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Sin 发表于 2016-5-10 18:59:50 | 显示全部楼层
luyuhaoCA 发表于 2016-5-10 01:11

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 楼主| mengmengli 发表于 2016-5-11 03:25:44 | 显示全部楼层
Sin 发表于 2016-5-10 18:59

👍 你是什么背景的  
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 楼主| mengmengli 发表于 2016-5-11 03:42:59 | 显示全部楼层
Sin 发表于 2016-5-10 18:59

我attach了我的CV 不知道这种背景能不能进

     2014.09 - Now
     MSc. in Condensed Matter Physics      University of British Columbia, Canada        August 2016 (expected to graduate)
     Main subjects: Quantum Mechanics I, Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Electrodynamics, Semiconductor Theory for Device Applications
     Thesis: "Microwave studies on Iron-Selenide Superconductors".(In Progress)
     B.A. in Applied Physics      Shandong University, China
     Ranking:1/66      Overall GPA: 3.5/4 (91/100)    Major GPA: 3.73/4 (93.38/100)}
     Main subjects: Solid State Physics,  Semiconductor,  Atomic Physics,  Quantum Mechanics,  Electrodynamics, Theoretical Mechanics.
     Thesis: "Studies on Optical Properties of 1D Periodic Photonic Crystal". (First-Class Bachelor Thesis)

  2014.10 - Now
    Microwave Studies of FeSe Superconductors.     
    Supervisor: Douglas. A. Bonn    University of British Columbia
    * Prepared and grew Cobalt-doped FeSe single crystals by Vapor Transport Technique.
    * Measured crystals using Cavity Perturbation Method at low temperature down to 1.2K.
    * Controlled experiments and collected microwave data using a custom LabVIEW VI program.
    * Extracted microwave conductivity and superfluid density by virtue of MATLAB and Origin software.
    * Worked with Prof. David Broun to do much lower temperature measurement by Dilution Refrigerator.
    * Wrote papers summarizing recent researches and to be submitted to Physics Review Letter (PRL).
    * Working on Bolometric Broadband Spectroscopy to obtain continuous-frequency low-temperature      measurement of microwave electrodynamics over a broad frequency with great sensitivity.

    Research on Optical Properties of Periodic Photonic Crystal.   
    Supervisor: GuiQiang Du, Shandong Univesity, China
    * Simulated the dispersion relation, transmittance, reflectance and absorptance of composite structures composed of metals and truncated dielectric photonic crystals containing defects by means of MATLAB programming.
    * Theoretically accomplished the near-perfect narrow-band and broadband absorption by above heterostructure crystals in the visible and near-infrared region.
    * Awarded Fist-Class Bachelor Thesis.

    Research on Beverage Heavy-Metal Detection by Liquid Cathode Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy.
    Supervisor: Zhongchen Wu, Shandong University, China
    * Sponsored by a National Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship training program (Funding:  ¥10,000).
    * Designed and established the experimental platform including a surface-tension-driven automatic liquid sampling system.
    * Measured trace of heavy metal (such as Hg,Pb) in contaminated beverage samples by liquid electrode plasma atomic emission spectrometry.
    * Granted outstanding award of Shandong Province Physical Science and Technology Innovation Contest.

    2014.09 - Now
    Graduate Research Assistant      UBC Superconductivity Group, Vancouver
    Research on FeSe Superconductors
    2014.09 - Now
    Graduate Teaching Assistant      Department of Physics & Astronomy, UBC
    * Organized and demonstrated laboratory experiments.
    * Taught and supervised fifty students in each lab and tutorial sessions.
    * Invigilated and marked laboratory reports,  midterm and final exams.
    Course (2014/09-2015/05): Physics 100 Introductory Physics.
    Course (2015/09-2015/12):  Physics 101 Energy and Waves.
    Course (2016/01-2016/04):  Physics 159 Introductory Physics Laboratory for Engineers
    Course (2016/05 - Now): Physics 250 Modern Physics
    2015.05 - Now
    Personal/Private Tutor      Global IVY Education Ltd, Vancouver
    Coures: BC Math Grades 10 &11 &12, SAT Physics, UBC Math200, UBC Math256.
    Undergraduate Research Assistant       Shandong University, China.
    Supervisor: Zhongchen Wu


New behaviors observed in c-axis microwave conductivity and superfluid density of pure FeSe crystals (to be published on Physics Review Letter)   Meng Li, Shun Chi, James Day, P. Dosanjh and D. A. Bonn
Another paper (collaboration with David Broun) is in progress.


2014 & 2015     International Tuition Award                                     University of British Columbia
2014 & 2015     Faculty of Science Graduate Award                          University of British Columbia
2014                First-Class Bachelor Thesis                                      Shandong University, China
2012 & 2013     National Scholarship of Encouragement                    Ministry of Education of China
2012 & 2013     National Undergraduate Research Funding                Ministry of Education of China
2012 & 2013     First Prize Scholarship and Excellent Student             Shandong University, China
2012                Outstanding Award at Science and Technology
                          Innovation Contest in Shandong Province               Shandong Province, China
2011                Second Prize Scholarship and Excellent Student         Shandong University, China
2011                National Scholarship of Encouragement                    Ministry of Education of China


    Programming language:  C++, Python, MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, Java, HTML, R Language.
    Others: LaTeX, LABVIEW,