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[学友] UMBC 16 Fall 新生群

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Hi, welcome to our QQ group for UMBC 16 Fall new students. The group number is 314245433. We can get to know each other in advance and discuss topics like the off-campus housing,  the arrival to Baltimore, and more. There are only four people in our group now.

Secondly, I recommend the UMBC QQ group, 58466193.  More than 200 UMBC students from China is in that group. This group was established in 2008, and you can get help from current UMBC students and alumni.

Thirdly, the CSSA@UMBC is providing help to new students. We can subscribe its mailing list to get housing information. To subscribe the mailing list, we can go to the, login, and search the CSSA. Then under the user guide to subscribe it.

Hope we could prepare our life at UMBC together and enjoy.



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