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[T-资料] 新托福经典加试:详细题目与选项

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1.      Whatis the student’s problem?
A.    Shelost her passport.
B.    She needs to get a new ID card
C.     Shecan’t remember her ID card
D.    Shemissed the deadline for registration

2.      Whydoesn’t the student go to her dorm room to get her passport?
A.   She is not allowed to enter the building
B.     Sheis not sure if her passport is in the dorm room
C.     Shedoesn’t have an escort
D.    Shedoesn’t have a passport

3.      Howwill the director of the security verify the student’s identity?
A.    Bylooking at her driver’s license
B.     Byfinding her lost wallet
C.   By locating her information in the computer
D.    Byasking her the ID number

4.      Whatdoes the man imply about the student’s meal pass?
A.    Itwill be replaced together with the passport
B.     It’srequired to enter the dorm building
C.     It’sprepared in a different building
D.   It can be issued at the same time as the ID

5.      Whatdoes the student imply when she says this:”Your glad!”
A.   She’s the one who’s relieved
B.     Shedoesn’t think he’s truly glad
C.     She’sannoyed that it took so long
D.    She’ssurprised that the man would help


1.      Whatdoes the professor mainly discuss?
A.    Therole glial cells played in human intelligence
B.     Howtwo types of brain cells were discovered
C.   How the understanding of glial cells has changed
D.    Thehistory of brain cell research

2.      Historically,what did researchers assume was the main purpose of glial cells?
A.   They support the needs of neurons
B.     Theyrepair brain damages
C.     Theyexchange information with neurons
D.    Theydetermine the strength and works of communication

3.      Earlybrain research focused on neurons. What does the professor imply was the resultof this emphasis?
A.    Newmethod was found to treat injured brain cells
B.    Little research was done on glial cells
C.     Communicationbetween glial cells and neurons was established
D.    Thedefinition of neurons was confirmed

4.      Accordinglyto the professor, what discovery allowed scientists to gain a betterunderstanding the role of glial cells?
A.    Theyfunction in all parts of brain
B.     Thereare different types of glial cells in the brain
C.     Theirnumber increase throughout human life
D.   They communicate through chemical signals

5.      Whatdoes the professor imply when she says this:
A.    Thatthe student didn’t understand her question
B.    That the student’s answer is complete
C.     Thatthe student didn’t know the correct answer
D.    Thatthe student was too shy to respond to her question

6.      Whatdoes the professor imply when she says this:
A.   Student should consider glial cells research as a career
B.     Studentneeds to learn more about glial cells in order to graduate
C.     Moreresearch results of glial cells will be revealed soon
D.    Theyare going to perform some field study on glial cells


Lecture2 英国诗歌
1.      Whatis the lecture mainly about?
A.    Theprofessor’s opinion regarding William Wordsworth’s poetry
B.    William Wordsworth’s intention in writing poems
C.     Thepopularity of William Wordsworth’s poetry
D.    Theinfluence of Neoclassicism on Romanticism

2.      Whatare the two features Wordsworth’s poems that the professor discusses?[2]
A.    Complexsymbolism
B.    Simple language
C.     Focuson love and romance
D.   Familiar subject matters

3.      Whatare two points the professor makes that are about Romantic poets?[2 ans]
A.   They were interested in human emotion
B.     Theyreferred themselves as Romantic Poets
C.   They reject certain principals of Neoclassic poetry
D.    Theyvalues ideals of order and balance

4.      Whatis the professor’s opinion of Wordsworth’s poetry?
A.    Heagrees with the views of nature it presents
B.    He thinks Wordsworth’s work fell off over time
C.     Helikes Wordsworth’s work the Prelude best
D.    Hewill rewrite some of Wordsworth work himself

5.      Whydoes the professor say this?
A.    Toargue that Neoclassic poetry was in fact more accurate
B.     Tosuggest a different way to describe objects in poetry
C.     Toshow that 19th century English writing was excessive
D.   To illustrate the difference between Neoclassic poets and Wordsworth

6.      Whatdoes the professor imply when he says this?
A.    Thatthe student would have to reach their own conclusion
B.     Thatfew people actually read Wordsworth’s poetry
C.   That they will read only Wordsworth’s poems from early period
D.    Thatthere are a lot of difficulty in understanding Wordsworth’s poetry


1.      Whydoes the man go to see his professor?
A.    Hewants to change his paper topic
B.     Hedoesn’t understand how to analyze bird migration
C.   He cannot find enough information on his term paper topic
D.    Hedoesn’t understand the ideas that he has been reading about

2.      Howdoes the professor help the man?
A.   By suggestion a change in his approach to a paper
B.     Byexplaining some theories about bird migration to him
C.     Byproviding some additional examples he can use on the topic he chose
D.    Bygiving him direction on where to find sources

3.      Whatinformation will the man probably include in his paper?[2 ans]
A.    Descriptionof the migration habits of the Common Poorwill
B.    His own analysis of the early theories about bird migration
C.     Acomparison between birds that migrate and birds that do not
D.   Current research on bird migration

4.      Whydoes the man talk about birds that migrate at night?
A.   To demonstrate that he understands the professor’s recommendation
B.     Togive examples of what he wants the professor to explain
C.     Togive an alternative explanation of the hibernation of the Common Poorwill
D.    Toask whether he should change his topic to the sleeping behavior of birds

5.      Whatdoes the professor imply when she says this:
A.    She’snot sure the man should write about bird migration
B.    She thinks finding sources on bird migration should be easy
C.     She’snot sure that she can help the man
D.    Shethinks that man has already found enough sources on bird migration


1.      Whatis the lecture mainly about?
A.    Therelationship between species and family
B.     Thecharacteristics of three types of plants
C.   Difficulties classifying an unusual type of plant
D.    Uniqueexamples of parasitic plants

2.      Howdoes a strong odor help Rafflesia?
A.    Theodor is a signal to nearby plants of opposite sex
B.     Theodor keeps away large predators that might eat it
C.     Theodor discourages parasites from growing near it
D.   Theodor attracts flies that pollinate is flowers

3.      Whydoes the professor consider the actual classification of Rafflesia unexpected?
A.   Its unusual traits are not shared by other plants in its order
B.     Itsunusual characteristics were not documented until after it was classified
C.     Botanistshad predicted that no other plants would be related to it
D.    Botanistshad predicted that it would becomes extinct before it could be classified

4.      Whatdoes the professor imply about the reproduction of Rafflesia?
A.    Shehas witnessed it herself
B.    It does not occur often
C.     I tdiffers from on variety of Rafflesia to another
D.    Noone can understand how it reproduce

5.      Whydoes the professor say this:
A.    Togiven an additional example of her statement
B.    To clarify her statement so students don’t misunderstand her
C.     Toprovide evidence Rafflesia is Indeed a parasitic plant
D.    Toemphasize the importance of the host

6.      Whydoes the professor imply when she says this:
A.    Mitrastemais edible
B.     Rafflesiais also related to blueberried
C.   Rafflesia and Mitrastema are not in the same order
D.    Rafflesiaand Mitrastema is also related to blueberries


1.      Whatis the lecture mainly about?
A.    Theradical change of the music during the 20th century
B.     Thesound quality of piano compared to other instruments
C.     How the piano contributed tothe popularity of Ragtime
D.    WhyRagtime music no longer exists today

2.      Accordingto the lecture ,why did Ragtime music become popular in the US?
A.    Itsmelodies were easy to remember
B.     Itsrhythm was similar to that of early popular music
C.     Itwas written by well-known composer
D.   It expresses the spirit of young people

3.      Whatdoes the professor imply about pianos of ragtime-era[2 ans]
A.    Theirsound decreased due to the introduction of Ragtime music
B.     Theywere purchased mainly by professional musicians
C.   Their sound quality was well suited for Ragtime music
D.   They reflected their owner’s wealth and social standing

4.      Whydoes the professor mention parades and park concerts?
A.    Tofind out how far the pianos are played out in the open
B.    To show how the piano was sometimes replaced by other instruments
C.     Tosupport the point that Ragtime music was mostly played in public
D.    Togive an example of the public concert during the Ragtime era

5.      Whatdoes the professor say about jazz music?
A.   It was an improvised from of Ragtime music
B.     Itmust always be played as written
C.     Itwas an earlier form of Ragtime music
D.    Itwas written unlike any other type of music

6.      Whydoes the professor say this :
A.    Toexpress a desire to hear more Ragtime music
B.     Tocompare Ragtime music to other forms of music
C.     Toindicate that she would rather discuss Rock and Roll
D.   To ask for an explanation of why Ragtime was popular




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