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[CS/CE] 加拿大university of New Brunswick博士生招生(cyber-security方向)

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Information Security Center of Excellence (ISCX) 实验室招博士生,主攻网络安全方向,且处于此领域前茅(项目很多)。具体可在google中搜ISCX unb,进入实验室网站,然后在右列的菜单中选最后一项“Opportunities”(我在帖子中发不了链接。)


PhD Opportunity

We are currently accepting applicants for PhDs with a focus on cybersecurity and digital forensics.

The Information Security Centre of Excellence (ISCX), being the largest R&D lab in Atlantic Canada, covers a variety of research topics from network application recognition and log analysis to botnet and malware analysis & detection and receives funding from government and industry sources.

Students undertake a four to five year PhD program, where the first year allows students to explore the research area and build strong expertise in security domains while developing the skills. Students also undertake some courses to develop and enhance their skills and technical knowledge.

The successful applicant will receive the following benefits:

·        Opportunity to directly interact with industry as a technical member of different projects

·        Opportunity to travel to international conferences and meetings

·        Opportunity to participate in a weekly technical presentation and workshops in ISCX


Applicants need to demonstrate strong research potential and therefore are asked to include a research proposal. The research proposal should provide a basic proposal of work and should illustrate your ability to assemble knowledge together, critique it and provide a reasoned argument for your ideas. Applicants should also have:

·        A master degree in computer science domain relevant to security

·        Experience in machine learning and big data analysis

·        Familiarity with computer networks and related programming

·        Excellent implementation skills (C++, Java, Python)

Contact us:

Interest applicant are asked to contact Dr. Arash Habibi Lashkari ( for more information. A CV and basic proposal will be required before applying.




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