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One of the best ways that parents can help their teenage children
prepare for adult life is to encourage them to take a part-time job.

The society is developing at a staggering rate, and children pedagogy is a common topic of parents. Opinions vary when it comes to judging and comparing the benefits brought by doing part-time job and other ways that benefit children's future. Many hold that let children take part in vocational skills training club can contribute to their career in the future. However, further reflection reveals that there are more merits if children attend part-time jobs.

For one thing, children can have a better understanding of knowledge by taking a part-time job. In the class, in order to enter into good universities, children always be treated as receptacles of predigested ideas. They only learn things by rote but do not know the practical use of concepts or formulas. Comparatively, taking a part-time job can help them learn things through understanding since they can be face with the practical problems. For example, despite I major in software engineering, I did not know how to write efficient code until I received a part-time job as a developer to develop software for other companies. Only when I have finished some practical projects can I know the essence of computer knowledge. Therefore, by doing part-time jobs, children can better apply their knowledge learned in the class into practical problems.

For another thing, by doing part-time jobs, it not only enlarges children’s social networks but also contributes their communication skills. On the one hand, by working with other co-workers, children will meet many peers. They are congenial as they have spent their best time at the same place, so it is easy for them to become good friends. On the other hand, if children work in society, they will also meet all kinds of people. By chatting with elder people, children can learn how to slow down their speaking speed and how to listen to elder people's opinions. By negotiating with businessman, they will become eloquent and have clear logic in their minds. Thus, parents should always let their children participant in part-time jobs because it benefits their interpersonal skills.

Admittedly, other ways that can elevate children's abilities should not be ignored. Taking training club can help children learn knowledge more systematically. And Traveling can broaden children's horizons. However, both of them are costly so they are not the best way for normal family. Therefore, compared with part-time jobs, their benefits are limited.

In summary, given that part-time jobs contribute children interpersonal skills and scopes. I therefore reinforce my standpoint that taking a part-time job can benefit children a lot.



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