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[求内推] 求Finance Industry的码农内推 _ /*计算机(BS)+金工(MS)*/

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2017(1-3月)-[]MFE/Fin/FinMath硕士+3个月-1年 - 内推| 金工类全职@求“Finance Industry”的码农内推fresh grad应届毕业生


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先来介绍下自己,本科(计算机科学) & 研究生(金融工程),2017年1月毕业,目前在尽全力找full-time,求Finance Industry的码农内推 _ 计算机(BS)+金工(MS)

Computer skills如下:

C++: Library management system, multithreading real-time airport simulation system, Robotic Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance
MATLAB: Image processing, corner recognition algorithm, KNN algorithm and neural network
R Software: Bollinger band reversal strategy on FX, momentum strategy on commodity futures markets, pairs trading on US equity, momentum switching strategy on Fixed Income, back-test trading strategy, cleaned millions of lines of equity data, Monte Carlo simulation, text mining, natural language processing
C language: Independently developed Jewel Quest game in 30 days

Others: Java, Python, Hadoop, SQL, VBA, Assembly language, Verilog HDL, Latex, JavaScript, HTML 很少用,但是用过

1.  Yield Curve Construction and Swap Price Risk Estimation
2.  Evaluation of the Impact of Earning Report on Stock Price in C++
. 鐣欏鐢宠璁哄潧-涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴3.  Modeling by Historical Data and Forecasting 2015 Returns and Risk (macroeconomic factor model, fundamental factor model and statistical factor model). From 1point 3acres bbs

最后留下自己的邮箱,, 恳请版上的前辈们帮忙  谢谢大家

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