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[T作文-求改] tpo31的独立写作求改,,

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题目是Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Because the world is changing so quickly, people now are less happy or less satisfied with their lives than people were in the past.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
正文:Modern societychanges a lot from it in the past. Some people reckon that people nowadays areless happy with their lives than people in the past were because of the rapidchange of world. To large extent, I agree with the point that we are less happybecause of the mental pressure from our environment, and little time to relaxwith laborious activities to do.
Initially, I have to admit that wemodern human have much more ways to play and enjoy than our ancestors did. Liketravelling, listening to concert, exercising, and playing video games.
Nevertheless, wealso face greater pressure from our surroundings than people did in the past. Aperson would not be happy if s/he faces too much pressure, because whenever orwherever s/he is, s/he suffers from great mental pressure, which made her/himhard to get happy. Students face too much expectation from their parents to beexcellent in the school, colleges face too much competition when interviewing,the young face pressure to be rich or famous, and or so. Say, a PhD, who justgraduates from school, at first faces fierce competition to get a goodprofessor job in university, after that, his parents push him to find agirlfriend and marry as soon as possible. When he becomes a professor, he hasto think how to get money and support from nation, companies for his project,every of which would make lots of people upset and even mad, far away frombeing happy.
Furthermore, alot of activities have taken our lives, with little time left to relax andenjoy life. It is familiar for many employees to work in company over night.They spend most of days working and making money, tired and exhausted back tohome. They have no strength to exercise or take a ride, and just want to sleep.In that case, when could they take a break and enjoy the beauty of life?Imagine a college student. He has to take 2 courses every day, which takes himat least 5 hours, and 3 hours are spent completing his homework. In addition,he has to work at a cafe at night. Obviously, he was occupied by these worksand studies, and has no time to exercise, take a concert, and or so.
To sum up,people nowadays face too much mental pressure, and too much work and studytaking up their time, so it is hard for us to enjoy the lives and become morehappy.



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