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[申请哪些学校] 美国密歇根理工大学土木系-招收2017年度全奖博士

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One PHD research assistantship will be provided for a qualified PHD candidate for studying PHD at Michigan Tech. Either TOEFL (or IELTS) and GRE scores with minimum requirements are needed for the application. The applicant with M.S. degree is highly recommended. The PHD study and research are funded by both NSF and Michigan state Department of Environmental Quality. The highly-motivated student with research background on structures, mechanics or structural materials (polymer composite, concrete or asphalt materials) will be desired. If you are interested with this oversea PHD study in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Depart at Michigan Tech, please contact Dr. Qingli Dai directly with email Dr. Dai has published 49 Journal papers and other more than 40 conference papers. She has received 3 NSF projects as PI and 1 as co-PI, as well as other research projects.
Selected Publication
1. Yao, H., Dai, Q. and You, Z. (2015) “Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Physicochemical Properties of Asphalt Model”, Fuel, Elsevier, accepted in September 2015.
2. Sun, X., Zhang, B., Dai, Q. and Yu, X. (2015) “Investigation of Internal Curing Effects on Microstructure and Permeability of Interface Transition Zones in Cement Mortar with SEM Imaging, Transport Simulation and Hydration Modeling Techniques”, Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier, Vol. 76, 366–379.
3. Lemmens, R. J., Dai, Q., Meng, D.D. (2014), “Side-Groove Influenced Parameters for Determining Fracture Toughness of Self-Healing Composites Using a Tapered Double Cantilever Beam Specimen”, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, Elsevier, Vol. 74, 23–29.
4. Ng, K. and Dai, Q. (2012), “Tailored Extended Finite-Element Model for Predicting Crack Propagation and Fracture Properties within Idealized and Digital Cementitious Material Samples,” Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE, Vol. 138 (1), 89-100.
5. Dai, Q. and You, Z. (2009), “Micromechanical Finite Element Framework for Predicting Viscoelastic Properties of Heterogeneous Asphalt Mixtures,” Materials and Structures, Springer Netherlands, Vol. 41 (6), 1025-1037
6. Dai, Q. and You, Z. (2007) “Prediction of Creep Stiffness of Asphalt Mixture with Micromechanical Finite Element and Discrete Element Methods,” Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE, Vol. 133 (2), 163-173
Selected Active Founded Project
1. Fiber-reinforced High Performance Rubber Concrete for Concrete Structure Construction and Repair
Funding Agency: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Total project value: $287,518  Date: 2017-2019
2. Incorporating Surface-Treated Rubber Particles into Portland Cement and Geopolymer Concrete to Improve Field Performance.
Funding Agency: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Total project value: $666,926  Date: 2016-2018
3. Collaborative Research: Nexus of Simulation, Sensing and Actuation for Aerodynamic Vibration Reduction of Wind Turbine Blades
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Total Project Value: $341,086  Date: 2013-2017

美国密歇根理工大学(Michigan Tech)土木工程系诚招2017年度(春季或秋季)博士生一名,提供RA全额奖学金(包含学费+生活费)。 基本要求为托福 79 分(或雅思6.0),GRE (300 + 3.0)GPA 3.0,拥有硕士学位的申请者会优先考虑。博士研究由美国国家自然科学基金委员会和密歇根州环保部共同资助,主要研究方向包括风车叶片结构力学分析,结构和路面材料性能研究(聚合物复合材料,水泥和沥青混凝土),拥有相关研究经验和对相关领域拥有研究兴趣者优先考虑。有意向者请直接与密歇根理工大学教授Dr. Qingli Dai老师(联系。
Dr. Dai 老师目前已发表论文89,其中SCI论文49篇;主持美国国家自然科学基金三项,合作参与一项




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