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[CS/CE] 2017春季招收数据挖掘/机器学习方向全奖PhD-George Mason University

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(The professor's correct email should be:
Dr. Liang Zhao at George Mason University (GMU) is looking for candidates for Ph.D. position fully funded as Graduate Research Assistants.

GMU is one of top 70 U.S. universities and top 200 universities in the world, as ranked by the 2015 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). GMU is ranked as top-tier research university by Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. Being in one of US’s safest regions, GMU is conveniently located just 15 miles from downtown Washington, D.C.

* Position
The Ph.D. position is available for 2017 spring semester. The research for this position will focus on data mining and machine learning. Specifically, the research areas could include 1) advanced models for sparse learning, feature selection, and deep learning; 2) novel computational methods for outlier detection in spatiotemporal and network data; and 3) effective technologies for text mining, natural language processing, and social network modeling. Application areas include disease surveillance (e.g., using electronically available public health data such as hospital visits and medication sales to automatically identify and characterize emerging outbreaks), urban computing (e.g., crowdsourcing human mobility and social media data to detect traffic congestion, air pollution, and power leakage), law enforcement (e.g., detection and prediction of crime patterns using offense reports and 911 calls), and health care (e.g., detecting anomalous patterns of care which significantly impact patient outcomes).

* Requirement
The successful candidate should have a degree (Master is preferable) in computer science, electrical engineering, information science, or a closely related area. The candidate is required to be versatile, highly motivated. Excellent programming skills are important as well as an understanding of data, text mining and machine learning techniques. A good math background is a plus.

English: TOEFL>=90, three recommendation letters.

* Application
Interested candidates should e-mail a detailed curriculum vitae to Dr. Liang Zhao ( e-mail:, phone number: (+1) 7035939910). A statement of motivation and research publications are highly recommended to be emailed, too.



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