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[申请哪些学校] [选校]UT-Austin官网给出的15年CS硕士申请和录取平均三围

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自己根据给出的资料整理的 只关注了cs方向. more info on 1point3acres
#学校 University of Texas at Austin. From 1point 3acres bbs
##学院Cockrell School of Engineering
###专业. more info on 1point3acres
1) 634612
Architecture, Computer Systems, and Embedded Systems (ACSES)
2015年申请人数 456(美本105) ,平均GPA = 3.67,平均GREV=154,平均GREQ=166,平均AW=3.6,
录取人数69(美本35),平均GPA = 3.86,平均GREV=157,平均GREQ=167,平均AW=3.8,
Computer architecture is at the interface of computer hardware and software. Its practitioners are responsible for specifying, designing, and implementing at the architecture level the hardware structures that carry out the work specified by computer software. Computer architects share the responsibility for providing mechanisms that algorithms, compilers, and operating systems can use to enhance the performance and/or energy requirements of running applications. Computer architecture spans many dimensions, such as the scope of a processor (embedded processors, desktop systems, servers, and supercomputers); the target application (general-purpose versus domain-specific); the characteristics of the design objectives (speed, power consumption, cost, reliability, availability, and reconfigurability); and the measurement and analysis of resulting designs.

Biomedical Engineering
2015年申请人数 103(美本33),平均GPA = 3.56,录取人数18(美本10),平均GPA = 3.80,录取率17%,入学率27%. visit 1point3acres for more.
This track is focused in the following areas: biomedical instrumentation (primarily cardiovascular measurements, including clinical applications of admittance volume measurement), very-large-scale integration biomedical circuits (biosensors, lab-on-a-chip, and handheld MRI), biolelectromagnets (RF surgery, electromagnetic field exposure, and quantitative assessment of thermal damage processes), image and signal processing (feature extraction and diagnostic interpretation), machine learning, and health information technologies (data mining and electronic medical records archiving and analysis).

3)634650 尽管录取人数多,但是录取率低,录取要求很高啊
Decision, Information, and Communications Engineering (DICE). 1point 3acres 论坛
2015年申请人数 665(美本108),平均GPA = 3.67,平均GREV=153,平均GREQ=166,平均AW=3.5,
录取人数87(美本21),平均GPA = 3.83,平均GREV=156,平均GREQ=168,平均AW=3.7,
录取率13% ,入学率25% 虽然录取率低但是路的人多啊

This track involves research and design in the following fields: (1) Communications and networking: all aspects of transmission of data, including: wireless communications, communication theory, information theory, networking, queueing theory, stochastic processes, sensor networks; (2) Data Science and machine learning: all aspects of extraction of knowledge from data, including: algorithms, data mining, optimization, statistics, pattern recognition, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence; and (3) Controls, signals, and systems: estimation and detection; signal, image and video processing; linear and nonlinear systems.

Electromagnetics & Acoustics 电磁学&声学
2015年申请人数 98 (美本27),平均GPA = 3.53,平均GREV=151,平均GREQ=,162平均AW=3.3,. visit 1point3acres for more.
录取人数19(美本5),平均GPA = 3.66,平均GREV=152,平均GREQ=164,平均AW=3.4,
录取率19%,海外录取率%,入学率37%. 1point 3acres 论坛
This track includes the study of electromagnetic and acoustic phenomena ranging from ultralow frequencies to the visible spectrum. The activities in electromagnetics involve research in antenna design, radar scattering, computational methods, wave-matter interaction, bioelectromagnetics, wave manipulation using artificial materials, wireless propagation channels, microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits, guided wave devices and systems, electromagnetic forces (including electrostrictive and magnetostrictive forces), and Maxwell's stress tensor. The activities in acoustics involve research in transducers, microelectromechanical systems, atmospheric and underwater acoustics, and noise and vibration control.

Energy Systems
2015年申请人数 241(美本60),平均GPA = 3.58,平均GREV=151,平均GREQ=164,平均AW=3.3,
录取人数26(美本10),平均GPA = 3.76,平均GREV=153,平均GREQ=168,平均AW=3.6,
This track involves research in the production, distribution, conversion, and use of electric energy. Present investigations are concerned with renewable and alternative energy, advanced electrical machines, power system-related analyses, simulation of power systems, energy system economics and optimization, open-access transmission, electricity markets, energy efficiency and demand-side management, power system harmonics, power quality, distributed generation, power electronics, electromagnetic levitation, intelligent machines and drives for robotics and control, and electromechanical devices for pulsed power applications.

*)迷之专业 34682
2015年申请人数 491(美本90),平均GPA = 3.67,平均GREV=153,平均GREQ=166,平均AW=3.4,录取人数75(美本26),平均GPA = 3.80,平均GREV=156,平均GREQ=167,平均AW=3.7,录取率15%,入学率36%
6). 牛人云集,一亩三分地
Integrated Circuits & Systems

This track involves all aspects of analysis, design, synthesis, and implementation of digital, analog, mixed-signal, and radio frequency (RF) integrated circuits and systems for applications in computing, sensing, and communications. Research in the area spans levels of abstraction from devices to systems-on-chip (SoC), and involves transceiver architectures, data converters, signal processing systems, integrated bio-chips, high-performance and low-power design, fault tolerance, design for manufacturability (DFM), design for test (DFT), verification, and computer-aided design (CAD).
. visit 1point3acres for more.
7)634670 录取要求真心高
Plasma/Quantum 量子 Electronics and Optics
2015年申请人数 96(美本26),平均GPA = 3.64,平均GREV=153,平均GREQ=166,平均AW=3.5,
录取人数16(美本11),平均GPA = 3.84,平均GREV=158,平均GREQ=167,平均AW=4.1,
This track involves research in plasma dynamics, optics, quantum-optic and photonic devices, and plasma processing of semiconductors. Plasma investigations include the design of plasma diagnostics, high-order spectral analysis of plasma waves, and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Research in quantum electronics includes optical systems, lasers and laser applications, optical signal processing, optoelectronic devices, and lightwave systems. Investigations include quantum transport studies of double barrier heterostructures, components for very-high-speed communications and computation, high-energy laser applications in materials synthesis and processing, nanophotonic devices and materials, and plasmonics.

Software Engineering and Systems
2015年申请人数 219(美本52),平均GPA = 3.51,平均GREV=152,平均GREQ=164,平均AW=3.4,-google 1point3acres
录取人数35(美本15),平均GPA = 3.70,平均GREV=,154平均GREQ=166,平均AW=3.5,.本文原创自1point3acres论坛
This track involves all aspects of engineering software systems. In addition to the problem of requirements, research and study in the area addresses architecting, designing, building, testing, analyzing, evaluating, deploying, maintaining, and evolving software systems. Problems investigated include theory, techniques, methods, processes, tools, middleware, and environments for all types of software systems in all types of domains and applications. This area of study is also available through the alternatively scheduled program in software engineering to professionals who are working full time. To learn more about the master’s degree program for working professionals, visit

The Professional Master’s in Software Engineering addresses the demand for influential software engineers who have an expansive understanding of a variety of critical software engineering topics. This 30-credit hour program can be successfully completed in just two years while continuing to work full-time. You will learn how to better analyze and design software systems from world-renowned professors and will acquire the tools needed to better lead and manage software projects. With this degree, you will be prepared to move into advanced software project management positions or engineering leadership roles and successfully control the direction of your next career move. To learn more, visit

9)634620. visit 1point3acres for more.
Solid-State Electronics. 1point 3acres 论坛
2015年申请人数 179(美本54),平均GPA = 3.63,平均GREV=153,平均GREQ=165,平均AW=3.4,
录取人数24(美本15),平均GPA = 3.76,平均GREV=155,平均GREQ=168,平均AW=3.5,
This track focuses on the development and improvement of micro- and nanoelectronic, optoelectronic, and electromechanical devices, and associated materials for a variety of applications. Devices include nanoscale and nontraditional complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) transistors, and beyond CMOS transistors; photodetectors, photodiodes and lasers, solar cells, and nanostructure optical metamaterials; and electronic and microelectromechanical sensors and actuators, including chemical and biological sensors. Material systems include unstrained and strained conventional column IV and III-V semiconductors; organics and polymers; novel materials such as graphene and topological insulators; and insulators such as silicon dioxide and high and low dielectric permittivity materials; along with their thin films and heterostructures.

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你这是ECE,并不是CS, Austin CS是在natural science里面
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