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[选组选Offer] AWS选组求建议~

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2016(7-9月)-[]CS本科+<3个月短暂实习/全职 - 实习ReturnOffer| 码农类全职@Amazonfresh grad应届毕业生


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分别是AWS Infrastructure, AWS Marketplace, AWS Identity, AWS Payments and Bill Generation. from:

AWS Infrastructure – Seattle: Are you excited about building tools that directly impact Amazon’s business? We’re building a new team to innovate in optimizing utilization of compute capacity, forecasting scaling needs, and building tools that enable massive scale in Amazon’s fleet management process. If you’re excited about innovating and building software that makes a huge impact to thousands of people as well as the bottom line then you will fit in great on this team. We’re looking for high-caliber software developers to invent and execute their ideas in a fast-paced, challenging and very fun environment. We're creative, passionate, obsessive about user experience, and we constantly challenge the way things have traditionally been done in our space. Zeal for delivering high quality software and customer happiness is essential. Our software developers own delivery of features and services from beginning to end. You will design, implement, launch, and support your ideas. Your input into every part of the feature, from user interface to the data layer, is not only desired but also critical to the delivery process. In our flat hierarchy and fast-moving environment, you have the ability to turn your ideas into real-world products that customers use every day. You will make a tremendous impact on Amazon’s business by enhancing and building these tools. You will have the opportunity to leverage Amazon Web Services and a wide variety of technologies and frameworks.
AWS Marketplace – Seattle: The AWS Cloud Commerce Platform team is focused on the most interesting and challenging problems lying at the intersection of cloud computing and e-commerce. These include enabling developers and software companies to easily distribute, and make money from, their cloud-based products; enabling consumers of cloud-based software to evaluate, buy, and 1-click deploy even the most complicated cloud architectures; modeling the new ways that software is sold and consumed in a cloud environment; and interpreting and processing the very high volume stream of events (e.g. trillions per day) that underlies enabling e-commerce for the cloud. We are bringing's 19 years of e-commerce leadership and IP to bear on the cloud computing space, including providing the e-commerce platform on which AWS runs, and delivering the AWS Marketplace that enables third-party developers and software companies to launch cloud-based products. And, along the way, we get to tackle problems on the leading edge of security and fraud detection, distributed computing and bill computation, and low-latency/real-time analysis -- all in an environment whose scale and high-throughput is orders of magnitude beyond most other systems.
AWS Identity – Seattle: Do you love solving distributed system problems? We – the Identity team in Amazon Web Services (AWS) – are looking for rock-star software developers to build the common backbone underlying all AWS cloud computing services. The AWS Platform is a fleet of distributed web services, providing the AWS business with vital capabilities for customer management, service subscriptions, usage metering, bill computation, payments, authentication and identity management. Our customers are AWS users and developers (like you?), internal customers like our AWS service teams, and AWS business teams. Our focus in design and development is on scale, latency and availability to provide the best customer experience. Many of our services are mission critical for AWS, and each service runs distributed across tens or even hundreds of nodes for scale and availability. We build these services using the latest open-source technologies like Java and MySQL and AWS services such as AWS RDS, AWS SWF, and AWS DynamoDb.
AWS Payments and Bill Generation – Seattle: Bill Presentation generates and delivers billing information to all AWS customers, including the Invoice email/PDF and several Detailed Billing Reports. The team also provides an aggregator service layer as an integration point with AWS Payments and Billing systems. We work with large amounts of data with throughputs that challenge even Amazon scale. In the future, the team will implement Big Data approaches to processing its streams of data utilizing all the AWS technologies available. If you are passionate about processing data at Amazon/AWS scale, this is your opportunity. You will own the development process from architecture and design through delivery. Java is the primary language for building systems in this space, but leveraging other languages is encouraged if they solve problems more efficiently. You will be encouraged to dive deep and to show innovation by solving big problems with simple solutions.
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jinger8910 发表于 2016-9-28 04:00:37 | 显示全部楼层
我认识一个AWS Payments and Bill的人,他的朋友圈里基本都是team lunch(泡吧,野餐)和team build (开卡丁车,看球)……感觉这个组很不错的样子 0_0
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喵灿灿 发表于 2016-9-28 04:11:31 | 显示全部楼层
偶是AWS Payments and Bill Presentation的,实习感觉组里氛围挺好的,也不累,这个AWS Payments and Bill Generation估计就是隔壁组?似乎都挺欢乐的样子
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878112146 发表于 2016-9-28 07:03:28 | 显示全部楼层
楼主,return offer这么快,就发组了?
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