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[简历文书] 写了一个android project在简历上, 求指导如何修改这个project介绍

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楼主最近刚写了一个android project,准备po到简历上, 但是不知道怎么描述他比较精炼, 自己写了一个觉得有点多但是又不好删除一部分,原因是很多功能android自己封装了,可以写很多但是没啥软用。。然后有点技巧的比如activity直接切换和intent service的使用,不好以user角度写出他的功能。。所以请前辈给于指教, 下面是project描述:

Google Heat Map Project:

1.     1.Use Google Map API to create a map with multiplefunctionalities: zoom in/out, put markers and calculate your distance to them, displayyour position and so on.
2.       2.Use Location and Geocoder API to get currentlocation and corresponding address.
3.       3.Users can check-in to their favorite locations andview them later. SQLite is used to store and retrieve data.
4.       4.User can switch between different activitieslike map view or selection button view.
5.       5.Build a background service to record the users’location at specific interval. Then users can press button and mark all of thelocations on the map in a heat map overlay.
6.       6.Dived deeply into framework and applied relatedtechnologies like: Java, OOD and Multithread



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