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[文书-求改] PS第一稿,麻烦各位帮我看看,多谢

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Statement of Purpose
It was not until my first visit to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum when I was seventeen that I was fascinated by the marvelous and precise movements exhibited by a wide variety of robots. At that time I was only attracted by the interesting functions and appearances displayed by these robots. However, now, after four years’ study of mechanical engineering, the improvement and innovation that derive from the progress of virtually every field of technology are what I find most appealing about Mechanics. Therefore, I strongly desire to pursue a Master of mechanical engineering degree and take wide-ranging curriculum in order to achieve my goal of undertaking cutting-edge research in the future.

The best proof of my interest in this field is the fast rise of my GPA in the third year. The first two years in Soochow University were a depression period for me and I did poorly in some subjects. However, in the third year, since we took more professional courses, I found it’s interesting to combine mechanics with other disciplines, such as Electric Technique, Principle of Microcomputer, etc. Therefore, I spent the third year in diligent and highly effective study, and my GPA rose from 3.1 to 3.44. My excellent performance in study brought me many Scholarships and reinforced my determination to devote myself to the combination between mechanics and other disciplines. 

Among the full range of engineering courses, I loved Mechatronics most because it combines mechanics and electronics perfectly. I was fascinated by the various functions of senors, stepper motors and servo motors. Therefore, I wanted to get in touch with more professional research and went to the lecturer of this course, Dr. Bowen Zhong for help. After understanding my intentions, Dr. Zhong brought me to his company, which mainly relies on the manufacture and sell of piezoelectric ceramics for living. In his company, I gained a deep understanding of the inverse piezoelectric effect and various mechanical components.

Also, I took part in the 18th Extracurricular Academic Project guided by Dr. Zhong, which aimed at the design and construction of the new objective table of microscope. As a member of the project, I was responsible for the part of mechanics, that is the processing, assembly and experimentation. This project had promising applications in future medical field since it can improve the precision and efficiency of detection of blood cells greatly. . 留学申请论坛-一亩三分地

Later, my interest shifted to robotics, which involves the knowledge from various disciplines and represents the technology of world current technology frontier. I joined the professor Yuan Feng’s group in the Robot Research Center of Soochow University. Here I had opportunities to come into contact with various popular intelligent robots and also, I took part in several lectures hosted by famous professors from the United States. Though these experiences, I not only improved my English but also understood the latest situation of the development of the intelligent robots in the world.
. From 1point 3acres bbs
Due to my active participation in the Robot Research Center and abundant knowledge of the programming and structure of robots, I was appointed by professor Xiangpeng Li as the leader of a team to take part in the dancing group of the Eighteenth National Robotics Championship. Because we had limited time for preparation before the start of the competition, I assigned different tasks to each team member according to their own advantage so that we can accomplish the entire dancing movements more effectively. During the process, I was responsible for the programming based on RoboBasic, debugging of movements and maintenance of electric motors. Owe to our adequate preparation and technical expertise, we finally made an excellent performance and awarded the first prize in the competition. I got a feeling of achievement when I realized that it was worth to work until deep into the night for several days. More importantly, because of this experience I made up my mind to focus my future studies on one or a combination of the following areas: systems and automatic control, computer aided engineering, computer aided design and manufacturing. . Waral 博客有更多文章,
. 1point 3acres 论坛
Therefore, I wish to earn a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering for further education and research. Since Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program at Purdue University is reputable for its wide-ranging curriculum and diverse research activities, attending Purdue University would give me an opportunity to enhance my expertise and sharpen my research skills. I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing my studies at your fine institution.

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