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[找工就业] Akuna Capital 2015-16年电面合集

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2016(10-12月)-[16]CS本科+<3个月短暂实习/全职 - 网上海投| 码农类General其他@akunafresh grad应届毕业生


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之前面试的时候总结地里的,有些题目我准备的时候放了答案或者资料,需要的同学自取吧~. 1point 3acres 论坛
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大米 求加分谢谢! 来源一亩.三分地论坛.

. 一亩-三分-地,独家发布
Python的问题: 1. Given a parent class named automobile, subclass named bus,这两个class都有一个叫做accelerate的method,问,automobile().accelerate() 会调用automobile的方法还是bus的方法。。 等等类似的问题三个(另外两个记不清了)
. 一亩-三分-地,独家发布

2. 给一个class named bus, 一个instance叫mybus,一个membervariable 叫啥啥(忘了) = 42. 问在python里,直接call mybus.啥啥合不合法。 (大概这个意思。。具体我也给忘了)

1. What is Mutex?

2. Difference between compiled language and interpreted language, and their adv and disadv.
3. fork(), child process, 这个打开谷歌搜了照着读吧。
4. Difference among list, dict and set in python
5. set()的time complexity(这个楼主竟然很自以为是地答错了,答案是O(1),O(1),O(1)重要的事儿说三遍。)
6. Python memory allocation是怎样的 (大家大概了解一下就好了)
7. What is Python decorator? (然后问之前有没有用过)

Brain test:
三个baskets, 一个里面装满oranges,一个里面装满apples,一个里面装的是oranges+apples。三个baskets外面都贴有label,但是label都是错的。让你只从一个篮子里面拿一个水果,怎么判断三个baskets里面装的是什么。
答案: 从贴着apple+orange的篮子拿出来一个,因为是错的,所以里面要不然全是apple,要不然是orange。比如拿出来的是apple,则这个篮子装的是apple,而那个贴apple标签的肯定是orange,然后贴orange的是混合的。

其他题: 1. Print all add numbers between 1 to 100. (way1:Iteration从1开始每次+2,way2:mod 2)
2. Remove duplicated from unsorted array. (way1: python set method, way2: hasmap,前两种给的sorted的结果。 way3: add element to temp array, if this element has already existed in the temp array) 这题方法很多,大家随便虐
3. 如何判断integer是Power of 2. (way1:位运算,way2:iteration mod 2 )leetcode原题
4. 给你一大堆unsorted的数,找最大的前k个。 要求不能store all of them, 也不能sort(用minheap)

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. 一亩-三分-地,独家发布
What is virtual memory, explain

virtual memory is a memory management technique that is implemented using both hardware and software. It maps memory addresses used by a program, called virtual addresses, into physical addresses in computer memory. Main storage as seen by a process or task appears as a contiguous address space or collection of contiguous segments. The operating system manages virtual address spaces and the assignment of real memory to virtual memory.
Address translation hardware in the CPU, often referred to as a memory management unit or MMU, automatically translates virtual addresses to physical addresses.

Compiled language vs interpreted language, explain
Override vs overload, explain
is a type of function which occurs in a class which inherits from another class. An override function "replaces" a function inherited from the base class, but does so in such a way that it is called even when an instance of its class is pretending to be a different type through polymorphism.
is the action of defining multiple methods with the same name, but with different parameters.
. more info on 1point3acres
What is cache
What is mutex
The point of a mutex is to synchronize two threads. When you have two threads attempting to access a single resource, the general pattern is to have the first block of code attempting access to set the mutex before entering the code. When the second code block attempts access, it sees the mutex is set and waits until the first block of code is complete (and un-sets the mutex), then continues.
fork is an operation whereby a process creates a copy of itself. It is usually asystem call,
System call:
is the programmatic way in which a computer program requests a service from thekernel of the operating system it is executed on. This may include hardware-related services (for example, accessing a hard disk drive), creation and execution of new processes, and communication with integral kernel services such as process scheduling. System calls provide an essential interface between a process and the operating system.
. 一亩-三分-地,独家发布

智力题:三个basket,一个全apple,一个全orange,一个是apple和orange的混合,然后三个label分别写着apple,orange,apple & orange然后三个标签都贴错了,你只能取出一个水果然后如何把三个标签都贴到正确的那个basket上。注意关键点是三个标签全部都贴错,然后只能取出一个basket中的水果。这个可以先自己想想,想知道答案可以自己搜Google或者留言。
Print all odd numbers between 1 to 100 - 一种方法说完就过了
Remove duplicate from unsorted array - 问了两种方法
Power of 2 - 让我说as much as you can 的方法 (之前面经没见过的题目之一)

an unsigned integer which is a power of 2 has only one of its bits as 1. So a simple solution would be to loop through the bits and count the number of 1s.

What is fork: 我现场开google搜的= =
Given 1 billion number, get the largest 1 million. Large dataset means you cannot store all of them and sort. 这个用MinHeap解决。

1. Deadlock
a deadlock is a situation in which two or more competing actions are each waiting for the other to finish, and thus neither ever does.

2. Mutex
3. Stack and Heap
The stack is the memory set aside as scratch space for a thread of execution. When a function is called, a block is reserved on the top of the stack for local variables and some bookkeeping data. When that function returns, the block becomes unused and can be used the next time a function is called.

The heap is memory set aside for dynamic allocation. Unlike the stack, there's no enforced pattern to the allocation and deallocation of blocks from the heap; you can allocate a block at any time and free it at any time.

4. Differences between python and C++ 5. Differences between overloading和overriding

面试大概55分钟。 1. 简历说一个project, 面试官提问。 (大概10分钟内)
2. 问概念题!!! 概念题! 概念题! 概念题! 重要的事情要说三遍 -
virtual memory 是什么 - (回答不好)
- interpreter 和 compile language的区别
- system call 是什么 (回答不好)
- override 和 overload 的区别
- arraylist, hashmap, queue, stack的区别
- static 和 non-static的区别
- cache 概念 - finally是什么 - … 有几题忘记了。。。大家好好准备!
3. 编程题- 口述思路。 3题很简单,每题要提供两种解法 (秒杀)
- remove duplicates from unsorted array
- print all odd numbers between 1 - 100 - power of 2
4.还有一条逻辑智力题 (回答不好) 有三个麻包袋,里面分别有 apple, orange, apple & orange, 然而 麻包袋里 的labels 可能贴错了。 分别从3个袋子里面取出一个fruit, 问如何把label 重亲贴对。

. from: 1point3acres

. 1point3acres


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21.000+ students read the Road to learn React. The course weaves all the opinionated roadmaps into one roadmap to master React. It gives you all the fundamentals in React. You will build a Hacker News App along the way.


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