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[CS/CE] The University of Texas at Arlington 信息安全实验室博士招生

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Dr. Jiang Ming's team is looking for self-motivated students who would like to carry on top-notch security research while enjoying the life in Texas. Multiple RA/TA positions at Computer Science and Engineering Department are open for the Fall 2017 admission.

Dr. Jiang Ming's research focuses on security, especially software security and malware defense, including secure information flow analysis, binary difference analysis, malicious binary code analysis, and software analysis for security issues. His work has been published in prestigious security and software engineering conferences and journals (e.g., USENIX Security, CCS, Euro S&P, ASE, and FSE). Candidates are expected to have a solid background in compilers, operating systems, formal methods, and strong programming skills (e.g., C/C++, OCaml, etc.). For more information, please visit

The University of Texas at Arlington is a doctoral, research-extensive university with a current enrollment of more than 37,000 students in campus-based programs and is part of The University of Texas System. The University is located in Arlington, Texas which is centrally located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, the fourth largest urban area in the nation. The CSE department was established in 1981 and is among the first in the nation to receive ABET accreditation. It has an enrollment of nearly 1,900 graduate and undergraduate students. Additional information about the department can be found on the web at

Please contact Dr. Jiang Ming ( if you are interested.
fisher_ming 发表于 2017-2-19 00:54:39 | 显示全部楼层
UT Arlington CSE program 博士招生的语言成绩要求如下:
TOEFL score: 90 with no area less than 20 (or alternatively, IELTS at least 7.0 in all areas).
GRE quantitative score - 160
GRE verbal score - 150

申请的截止日期是 3月1号。更多招生信息可以参考这里:
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