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[T-资料] 自己总结的托福小作文模版,还认真分了类!求加米!!!

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1 陈述一个事实并说明这样认为的原因,然后反驳这些原因
While the passage claims that….(文章观点),the lecture points out that argument used in the passage are unconvincing.
First of all,the lecture successfully overturns the point in the reading that(文章观点).
In this way,the lecture rebuts the first argument in the reading by …….
Secondly,the lecture dissolve the assumption in the reading that……..According to the lecture,….
In a word,providing the fact that the lecture disagrees with the counterpart in the reading.
At last,the lecture asserts that……,as opposite to what the passage try to establish.
All in all,……which is contrary to the reading

The lecture challenges the passage’s conclusion that……In stead,the lecture states that ….,base on the following argument.
To begin with,as opposed to what the passage predicts,……instead of….
Therefore passage’s forecast on…is wrong.
Furthermore,the lecture dismisses the passage’s optimistic prediction of…..
This is the second divergence between the reading and the lecture.
At last,the lecture maintains its pessimistic tone when it comes to…,which the passage strongly believes will..
That is yet another negative effect that passage fails to recognise.

The lecture argues that none of the three solutions mentioned in the passage for…is a satisfying solution base on following three reasons.
First of  all,as what is cited in the passage ,…….is undermined by the lecturer.To be more specific,….Therefore the lecture dismisses the first solution as non-practical /overly-simplistic
Furthermore,the reading passage demonstrates that….However,the lecturer challenges this solution by providing the fact that….
This is the second divergence between the passage and the lecture.
Last but not least…….is not considered a good solution either by the lecturer.
The third proposition is labeled as overly idealistic,not able to……

1.While admitting everything the passage said is true about ……,the lecture cites additional evidence to argue against the passage’s conclusion that….2. It is true what is cited in the passage,but the lecturer holds the opinion that ….






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