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in analytics and inference
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[PS/CV] 背景较弱,一稿PS求各位大神拍~

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Specifically, I have three reasons for applying forthe MS program of Computer Science at the Viterbi School of Engineering. Firstly,I have been interested in the computer science for a long time and mydesire to further learn and explore the computer science is becomingincreasingly stronger. My experiences in the university and in a tech companygave me vivid descriptions about how fascinating and fast-evolving the fieldis. So I want to join this program to get further educated in the field ofcomputer science. Secondly, although I have obtained my bachelor’s degree inengineering, I still feel my ability of being an expert software engineer israther limited. Thus, joining the master’s program is a great way to improve myvocational capability and fill the gaps in my knowledge of computer science. Thus,I can have a much greater chance to get my dream job after the completion of thisprogram. Thirdly,I am convinced that the USC can provide me with first-classtraining and abundant opportunities because of its renowned academicperformance, great location in California and rich alumni resources. Besides,it is also a good chance for me to get in touch with many vibrant techcompanies as well as the forefront of the application of computer science. Therefore,I have good faith that the time and money invested in this program will beworth it.

After that, I think I have made enough preparationsfor this program. As an undergraduate of the Department of Automation atTsinghua University, I received firm fundamental training in the computerscience. First, I received solid mathematical training including Calculus,Linear Algebra and Probability and Statistics. Second, I learnt how to code inC and C++ in the first college year and use them to do many projects later.Besides, I taught myself how to do Java and Python coding. Thus, I think I havestrong background in programing. Third, I also enrolled in some courses likeData Structure and Computer Network, which really aroused my interest incomputer science..1point3acres缃

Duringcollege time, one thing which made a deep impression on me was a course projectabout computer networks. In that course, we were required to make use of acentral location server to build an online chatting software, and subsequentlyutilize our brilliance to make it fancy and user-friendly. I got into a teamwith two of my classmates. The job was so daunting at first because we had justgrasped the basic knowledge about computer network. But how should we apply suchrudimentary knowledge to build a chatting software? How could we create a nicegraphical interface? So many HOWs stood right in front of us like the supervillains, but things must be done. First, we planned to divide the project intothree relatively independent parts. My job was to use TCP to build the modulewhich could communicate with the central server and transfer data amongclients. In that month, I read a lot of introductory blogs and did manyexperiments on some sample programs. And later, I figured out how to use C# toachieve TCP communication, how to connect the central server to fulfill thefunction of logging in, how to create graphical interfaces with MS VisualStudio and defeated many of these “HOW” villains. Additionally, I enjoyedhaving brainstorms with my teammates, during which I could actively express myideas about the details of our projects. This actually helped me do better incommunication and presenting my thoughts. After this project and many otherones, I realized being a good software engineer demands not only the ability tolearn new things quickly, but also the skills to clarify your ideas and doubtsto your partners so as to solve the problems efficiently should they come. . more info on 1point3acres.com

Furthermore, I received somevaluable professional training in a tech company by being an intern for about 6months. The first thing I want to point out is that this internship made me afaster learner. During this internship, I needed to learn and master lots oftechniques I had never heard before. The first one was Apache Storm whichplayed an essential role in real-time data processing. So I made the best useof the informative inner wiki documents and existing sample codes to grasp thebasic skills of using Storm. In addition, I frequently had discussions with mysupervisor about the mechanism of Storm and the uncanny bugs I met. I evenbuilt a log system recording the information of eachstep of my programs so that my supervisor could quickly understand my situationand gave down-to-point advice. So in this way, I gained good command of Stormand many other techniques like Hadoop and Spark in a relatively short time.Then I could participate in many group tasks. Besides, I also had the chance toactually put my knowledge learnt in college into solving real problems and got hands-onexperience of data mining. For example, one time I received a task to detectthe cheating commercial vendors on Meituan.com. When I brainstormed with mysupervisor, I suddenly recalled the outlier detection algorithms I used to readon the textbook named Data Mining:Concepts and Techniques and came up with an idea to apply these algorithmsto Apache Spark in order to solve the problem. I quickly got down to writingcodes to carry out my idea and build an automatic system on Spark to send thecheating information to another department. Later, it turned out that my ideawas total feasible and the result of it could fit the original requirement.This experience was inspiring because I finally the knowledge learnt in bookscan actually be of great use!
. from: 1point3acres.com/bbs
Now my study interest in the fieldof computer science mainly lies in data mining and machine learning because Ifind great interest and broad prospect in them. For example, when I did my graduationproject, it was pretty interesting to study how artificial neural network wouldreact to different machine learning algorithms. And when I was in Meituan.com,our group can provide the precisely fitting ads and coupons to users byperforming data mining to generate accurate customers’ profiles.. 鐣欏鐢宠璁哄潧-涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴

As for my future plan, first I willbe a software engineer who is able to both finish independent tasks andefficiently communicate and collaborate with other colleagues. I want to jointhe most vibrant tech companies like Alibaba and Tencent in China. Apart fromthat, I will try my best to improve both my professional skills and myleadership so that I can be a leader of a small group developing independentproducts in about 10 years. In my vision, I shall be a person who is alwayslearning new things and willing to explore and break through my own limitations.I believe that only by continuously evolving can I keep up with this rapidlychanging field and be a competitive individual all the time.

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空空道友 发表于 2016-11-5 16:41:24 | 显示全部楼层
我感觉写的有点啰嗦。。  3,4段
我也写过一个模仿微信的小玩意,虽然不是课程作业。  其实这个可挖掘的东西是很多的,不可能只有你写的TCP通信和用户界面这些东西。。。  这样写感觉和学生管理系统没什么差别了
第二个数据挖掘的实习,感觉前半段讲述自己学习能力那里过于啰嗦吧。。如果非要说我觉着写一下怎样从一窍不通到熟练掌握这个过程,而不是列举我通过官方tutorial和blog来学习,然后突然就学会了。。。. visit 1point3acres.com for more.


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 楼主| mlx12 发表于 2016-11-5 18:14:46 | 显示全部楼层
空空道友 发表于 2016-11-5 16:41
我感觉写的有点啰嗦。。  3,4段
我也写过一个模仿微信的小玩意,虽然不是课程作业。  其实这个可挖掘的东 ...

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pouh 发表于 2016-11-6 00:10:52 | 显示全部楼层
我觉得有些地方的确可以精简一点,比如楼主用了几个反问的地方。因为ps的要求不就是要concise嘛,还有据说最好里面做事方面都表现的主动一点、最好不要出现被require啥的。我觉得k楼主实习的部分可以扩写,毕竟六个月呐,加油喽我也在改ps最近、有时候别人能看出来问题自己看不出来^ - ^
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 楼主| mlx12 发表于 2016-11-6 11:59:14 | 显示全部楼层
pouh 发表于 2016-11-6 00:10
我觉得有些地方的确可以精简一点,比如楼主用了几个反问的地方。因为ps的要求不就是要concise嘛,还有据说 ...

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pouh 发表于 2016-11-6 14:24:17 | 显示全部楼层
mlx12 发表于 2016-11-6 11:59

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林琴 发表于 2016-11-6 20:51:11 | 显示全部楼层
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星野在杀鸡 发表于 2016-11-8 20:59:45 | 显示全部楼层
lz我最近也在写PS,我看了你的ps觉得第三第四段都在很详细的写一些经历,请问一下PS里一定要写很详细的经历吗?. 1point 3acres 璁哄潧
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