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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Political leaders contribute more to the society than artists.

These days, political leaders and artists have influence on people’s lives in different ways, but some people believe that political leaders are much more important than artists because their job is more related to people’s daily lives. Even some people claim that political leaders contribute more to society than artists. This, however, is an exaggeration in my perspective. Actually, they are equally important to a society, plus, they even complete and promote each other.

Political leaders do play an important role in thriving our society. Political leaders have the capacity to make our life much better by making new laws, pass bills and setting good policies. They are people who can start an evolution in order to improve living condition so that all their citizens live in a suitable life. Thanks to their contributions on investing more budget on technology industrial, modern technology devises such as cell phones and computers are easily available for people nowadays than ever before. Due to political leaders’ efforts on solving social problems, most people now do not suffer from starving and unemployment. Without political leaders, such things will never happen. Besides, political leaders can also thrive art by supporting artists. Since art, in some extent, can stand for the soft power of a country and many artists’ work may not be paid immediately, funds from government is crucial for art and artists. With political leaders’ assistance and funding, artists would have enough money to create more works and do contributions to society, the art will be prospers as well.

Although political leaders make a lot of contributions to the society, we still need artists because they make our life more beautiful. Without artists and their works, we would have no concert to listen, no exhibition to attend, no music to enjoy as well. That will lead our life become boring and dull, also there will be nothing beauty to appreciate. We have to admit that artists Indeed do a great contributions that they provide us with a special angle to have a look to nature or a certain society issue and offer a way to enjoy and be grateful to life from hearts, which cannot be done by political leaders. In turn, artists are capable to promote what political leaders do. Sometimes, politicians only can make their expression and theme more impressive with the help of works of artists like a certain photo or portrait so that they could gain more votes. Thus, under such circumstance, artists’ works could sometimes stimulate and promote the contributions of political leaders to the society.

Artists and political leaders contribute to our society in different ways and they can complete even promote each other. Therefore, it is an exaggeration to claim that political leaders contribute more to society than artists since they are equally important.

havenothingon 发表于 2017-4-16 08:39:46 | 显示全部楼层
文中并没有完全体现 equally important。 分论点展开中并没有细化, 其实你可以说leaders support us more convinient material life. while artists meet our mental needs.
They are people who...这种有点啰嗦了,正要用,不如用强调句。
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