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[套辞/联系] 上个月的几个陶瓷回复 Stat Phd

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None of these can promise an offer, but at least got a bunch of positive replies. Have to apply them anyway... It is pretty hard to get an offer through contacting professors for Statistics Phd. Have to type english since I don't have chinese input in my computer... chinese in title was copying from baidu... .


My apologies for the long time in reply. I'm swamped this month with multiple deadlines.   Your interests make you sound like a terrific fit for our program.   I hope that you’ll consider applying.

For the first year students in our program, most students serve as teaching assistants.  The nice thing about this is that it gives you at least a year to settle in and to get to know the professors.  After that, you can choose an advisor.  We offer support to 100% of our admitted students for at least 11 months of the year.  
My research interests are motivated by problems in ecology and climate. ....a lot...  I have students working on all of these projects.  I am always looking for good students to continue this work.  I particularly enjoy mentoring female students and have had quite a few female graduate advisees.  
Your interests may also make you a good fit to work with Professors ... and ....  Their research also overlaps your interests. ... and I have had several research groups where we meet to discuss papers and current research.  We've had one paper result from this and another is in the works.   Our newest faculty member,..., also does some interesting epidemiological and climate health effects related research.  
I have enclosed a brochure that has more information.  I am in charge of grad student admissions.  If you have any questions during the application process, please let me know.  

I certainly can't promise an offer as the entire committee will need to examine your complete application, but your application sounds very promising.   I look forward to reviewing your application.

I would encourage you to apply. You background is quite strong. However, it is always difficult to talk about the chance before we see all applications.

I think you are qualified for our GTA fellowship. However, it is our Graduate Committee who decide on granting the fellowships to applicants and it'll depend on the number of positions and applicants we have. Hence you need to email Prof. .. who is our graduate coordinators and he will know more than I. I'd encourage you to apply and also ask ...
. 鐣欏鐢宠璁哄潧-涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴
I discussed your CV with some statisticians in the department and they told me that you look like a good student for our program.. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,

Please go ahead and apply. I can't guarantee you anything; who gets admitted and who gets a TA will depend on the number and quality of applications we receive this year.  I can say that in previous years we would have admitted you and most likely would have given you a TA position. Thus, your chances this year are very good.-google 1point3acres
-google 1point3acres




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Dan_Chen 发表于 2016-11-22 13:36:13 | 显示全部楼层
yumengg 发表于 2016-11-22 09:49

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larry0317 发表于 2016-11-22 14:21:19 | 显示全部楼层
哈哈哈为什么第一个professor特意说喜欢mentor female student
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yumengg 发表于 2016-11-22 14:30:36 | 显示全部楼层
Dan_Chen 发表于 2016-11-22 13:36

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ronaldokaka 发表于 2016-11-23 01:22:03 | 显示全部楼层
Dan_Chen 发表于 2016-11-22 14:36

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